PICTURE OF THE WEEK : Another Chinese Commercial Vehicle Brand to enter Europe – Farizon Auto

Geely Group brand Farizon Auto is about to enter the European market with a range of future proofed commercial vehicles, from vans, buses and to trucks. The Chinese manufacturer has set a 150,000-unit sales goal for 2023 and is ‘committed to the production and promotion of the next-generation green intelligent commercial vehicles, including Farizon SuperVAN, which is enabled to be customized into different models by independently-developed drive-by-wire modular architecture. In 2023, we are expected to explore the European market, which will be the main market of Farizon SuperVAN’.

In December 2022, Farizon Auto set a new sales record, with the monthly sales volume reaching 10,244 units. In 2022, Farizon’s new energy light trucks were best-sellers in their segment for the second consecutive year. Approximately every fourth new energy light truck sold in China came from Farizon, with the brand’s market share reaching 23.4%.

Farizon Auto is the new energy commercial vehicle brand under Geely Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicles Group. It is also China’s first commercial vehicle brand that has completed an all-new-energy product series. Guided by technology and focused on user experience, Farizon seeks to create zero-carbon transportation and a sustainable future. Except for having access to the technical resources of Geely Group, Farizon has also established one of the largest new energy commercial vehicles research institute in China, with more than 2,000 R&D engineers around the world. Farizon has five product lines, namely heavy trucks, light trucks, small trucks, LCVs and buses, which cover all application scenarios of commercial vehicles. Its Chief Designer is Herve Bertrand who worked with Renault Trucks and is credited with creating the successful and multi-award winning Range T, C & K series and subsequently with sister brand Mack Trucks in North America.

Pictured is the Hometruck Concept and SuperVan range