Picture of the Week – Here is the Next Generation Nissan Interstar

  • Next generation Nissan Interstar is introduced for the first time ever – with a full-electric powertrain – Interstar-e – in addition to a diesel option also available for European customers
  • With rapid D/C Charging, reaching an impressive 229km range in just 30 minutes, a towing capacity of 2500kg, and a wide range of body derivatives and sizes, Interstar-e is the ideal partner for businesses of all sizes
  • The diesel version of this new model offers a nine-speed high torque capacity automatic gearbox and class-leading fuel efficiency

Tailored to meet the diverse and specific needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, the all-new Nissan Interstar prioritises efficiency, maximum capability and customer well-being. Based on the new Renault Master, new Interstar boasts a bold, strong design, with its distinctive grille and headlamps structure.

The all-new Interstar-e, Nissan’s first fully electric large van, will deliver a more sustainable ride without compromising on performance – with an 87kWh battery providing a top range of over 460 kilometres and allowing users to reach client after client without ever having to worry about the autonomy. Nissan’s D/C Charging offers rapid capabilities, recharging up to 229 km in just 30 minutes, and a shorter mission version with a 40kWh battery for more than 180km. At the same time, its A/C Charging capabilities cater for depot charging from 10-100% in under 4 hours.

As a model designed primarily for inner-city driving, the Interstar-e complies with all urban policies on pollution and air quality, giving users reassurance as they operate across eco-conscious cities and help keep society moving.

“Nissan’s next-gen Interstar is the ultimate ally for essential businesses that keep society running. With an all-electric version, increased load capacity, and a diverse range of conversion options, we’re delivering exactly what our everyday champions – the SMEs of the world – need to keep society running smoothly!” Nicolas Tschann, Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Director, Nissan Europe.

“Whether you’re looking for additional battery autonomy or greater diesel fuel efficiency, the next generation Interstar has got your back. The new model will be equipped with class-leading aerodynamics, with a 20% Drag (SCx) Reduction, helping customers save either fuel or electricity and maximise their driving range and business efficiency.”

The next generation Interstar also boasts a 40mm wider side door alongside a 100mm longer load area, giving customers that critical extra room to pack in more of their goods and services. Worried about packing in too much heavy equipment? Nissan’s brand-new large van also boasts serious payload competitiveness of up to 1.6 tonnes for the electric version and almost 2 tonnes for ICE options, making it all the more suitable for businesses needing to shift heavy duty cargo.

Both the diesel and EV versions of the next generation Interstar are equipped with a max towing capacity of 2500kg, allowing for a greater range of products, goods or equipment that can be towed by the model.

Manoeuvrability is also greatly improved in the newest model, boasting an improved turning diameter of -1.5 metres compared to older versions, making navigating tricky urban streets all the smoother, without compromising load carrying ability.

As standard, all new generation Interstar models are equipped with a wide range of safety features, including Forward Emergency Braking, Drowsiness Warning and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. The Trailer Sway Assist is also included in this brand-new offering, for added security whilst towing goods.

Interstar comes with Nissan’s standard warranty of 5 years or 160,000 kilometres, or 8 years or 160,000 kilometres for Interstar-e battery, ensuring peace of mind for every journey.