PICTURE OF THE WEEK – IKEA packs its lot with BYD ETM6 eTrucks


*Carrier TDS takes a major step forward in emission-free distribution

Breda, the Netherlands – Top Delivery Services (TDS) has made a major commitment to emission-free city distribution following the purchase of 10 BYD ETM6 pure-electric eTrucks in collaboration with Bluekens EV, strategic partner and BYD eTruck dealer for the Netherlands. The vehicles will be used specifically for eco-friendly zero-emission delivery services of IKEA in Amsterdam.

Commenting on the initiative, René Wissink, Director of TDS, said: “TDS has already done a lot in the field of electric transport. This is an exciting development as we instantly become one of the major players in the market for emission-free distribution. The collaboration with strategic partner Bluekens EV is indispensable in this regard.”

“TDS would not have been able to take this step without Bluekens EV, being such a major name in the transport world. The organisation has enormous expertise in the field of electric transport and we have the assurance of aftersales and maintenance, all of which gives us a lot of confidence.”

A multitude of innovative features inherent to the BYD ETM6 eTrucks makes them the ideal zero-emission vehicles to fulfil environmental goals, while also being very safe, quiet and practical for operating in high density city centres. Powered by BYD Iron-Phosphate Battery technology, the BYD ETM6 zero-emission electric truck offers the longest driving range, 200 km with a full load, in the market within its 7.5 tonnes category, as well as extended battery life and high levels of safety.

Mahmut Mobassit, eTruck Director, BYD Europe B.V., said: “We are proud that BYD eTrucks have been selected by such a well-known name as TDS and also for the role they will play in providing such an important zero-emission delivery service for IKEA in Amsterdam.  Quiet, clean and safe, our BYD ETM6 eTrucks embrace a new era in electric powered commercial transportation, without compromising on performance, efficiency and practicality. Together with our partner in the Netherlands, Bluekens EV, we are pleased to support TDS with a comprehensive aftersales service and fleet management solution to continually elevate operating efficiencies, in the knowledge that our eTrucks are being sympathetic to the environment.”