Picture of the Week – Jungheinrich P30i – The future of the counterbalance truck


At its annual “Innovations & Highlights 2020” trade conference in Hamburg, Jungheinrich presented attendees with a sneak preview of the future of the counterbalance forklift truck. The prototype, named EFG P30i, is a high-voltage, all-electric, all-terrain, heavy-duty zero-emission forklift truck in the shell of an internal combustion truck.

“The P30i is the first lithium-ion truck with the power and driving comfort of a combustion engine and thus a game changer in the world of counterbalance trucks,” stated Christian Erlach, Board Member for Sales & Marketing, Jungheinrich AG at the event which was attended by Fleet Transport/Handling Network. As things stand at present, Jungheinrich expects to launch the P30i on the market at the end of 2021.

For the EFG P30i, Jungheinrich is utilising components from its existing model ranges such as the frame, operator protection cab and tyres, while integrating electric drive and the latest high-voltage lithium-ion technology. Hard rubber bumpers on the counterweight are specially designed for tough outdoor use.

The vehicle is powered by two electric motors. A lithium-ion battery, which is permanently installed in the vehicle in two modules of 25 kWh each, supplies the P30i with sufficient range distance for intensive use in up to three shifts. A newly developed comfort charging socket and an ergonomic charging plug will make intermediate charging as simple and fast as refuelling in future. 

The P30i has a lifting speed that is 25 percent higher than that of classic electric counterbalance trucks. Its climbing ability is one third better than that of the standard EFG. Thanks to the modular arrangement of the lithium-ion batteries, Jungheinrich has also succeeded in making significant weight savings compared with conventional battery-powered trucks. This increases the truck’s agility in operation while simultaneously reducing energy consumption. “The P30i combines the power, robustness and driving comfort of a combustion engine with the economy and emission-free operation of an electric truck. In terms of energy efficiency, ergonomics and sustainability, the P30i thus sets new standards and is the beginning of the end for the diesel forklift truck,” added Erlach.

For the driver, the P30i offers a level of working comfort that could not previously be achieved with electric counterbalance trucks. Because the lithium-ion battery modules are fully integrated into the truck, the result is a considerably larger space in the cab with significantly more legroom. At the same time, the driver’s all-round view of the goods being transported and the vehicle environment has been improved. The result is increased safety in operation. New comfort seats, a powerful heating system and air conditioning create additional improvements for the driver. A broad portfolio of intelligent assistance systems such as addedVIEW 360° and the easy integration of special solutions round off the service package.