PICTURE OF THE WEEK: Kia launches Platform Beyond Vehicle business to go ‘Beyond Mobility’

Pictured at the event, alongside the PV7 were Cathal Kealey, Kia Ireland and Jarlath Sweeney, Chairman IVOTY

Russelsheim, Germany: Members of the International Van of the Year (IVOTY) were invited to an exclusive preview of Kia’s all new Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) light commercial vehicle range, the first model due next year.

In brief, the new entrants will include:

  • Customized vehicles and solutions will enhance versatility and open up limitless possibilities, catering to both businesses and individuals
  • Initial Kia PBV models – PV5, PV7 and PV3
  • Kia PV5 to enter mass production in 2025
  • PBV platform to redefine how space and mobility can adapt to customers’ needs by providing exceptional flexibility through radical modularity

The launch of Kia’s PBV business will see the brand commit to providing a varied range of customized vehicle types to meet customers’ individual requirements.

Phase one will see the introduction of the Kia PV5, a versatile EV optimized for major domains such as hailing, delivery and utilities that features conversion capability for diverse customer needs. Enhanced data connectivity between vehicles and external data such as route or delivery information will enable convenient operation of multiple vehicles as a software-defined fleet. This emergence of customized business fleets and PBV-specific solutions means less downtime and enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Utilizing ‘Easy Swap’ technology to flexibly address the diverse demands of customers, a single vehicle chassis can be used to fulfil multiple mobility needs. Behind a fixed cab, or ‘driver zone’, a variety of interchangeable upper bodies, or ‘life modules’, can be connected to the base vehicle via a hybrid electromagnetic and mechanical coupling technology, turning the PBV into a taxi during the day, to a delivery van at night, and a personal recreational vehicle on weekends.

Whether the purpose of the vehicle is to transport people, move goods, or meet logistics or personal mobility needs, each PBV shares a consistent quality of design that reflects its solid, robust nature and projects a dependable and highly capable attitude.

Pictured at the event, alongside the PV7 were Cathal Kealey, Kia Ireland and Jarlath Sweeney, Chairman IVOTY.