Picture of the Week: Renault Trafic SpaceNomad – Van from Home!

There’s something lurking in the woods north of Paris! Why it’s the new Renault Trafic SpaceNomad! Pictured at Les Cabanes de la Réserve, a beautiful location for the official launch of the van based camper, converted in association with long time partners, French  mobile leisure specialists Pilote. 

During and since the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a huge uptake on campervans and motorhomes as holiday makers chose staycations due to overseas travel restrictions. In 2021 sales numbers peaked at 181,300 units, up 81,000 from 2019. Within the two main sectors, 79% were built on chassis-cabs and 21% were supplied by van manufacturers, collaborating with specialist converters.

Renault has come up with the ideal and most convenient solution, in creating the SpaceNomad, built on the latest Trafic light commercial range with all the added fittings undertaken by Pilote. Guaranteed for full usage all year round, as the second vehicle in the family, SpaceNomad is no bigger than a large MPV, most suitable for the school and sports activity runs and can be turned into a weekend adventure vehicle instantly.

Available in certain EU markets initially, two wheelbase lengths and three engine options and two transmissions can be chosen with a number of class leading plus factors, such as:

  • Three person (sliding) bench seat
  • Two front swivelling seats
  • Rear volume 1,800 – 2550 litres
  • Storage volume (incl under bench) 225 – 250 litres
  • Kitchen: 49 L fridge/freezer; 2 gas hobs; sink
  • Water: 60 litre clear; 35 litre grey
  • 12 LED spots; 10 USB ports
  • Auxiliary battery 80 Ah
  • Stationary heating – 2,000 W up to 2,500m altitude 
  • Energy and water management system 
  • Pop up roof
  • Thermal insulation 
  • Solar panel – Optional
  • External shower
  • Foldaway table 
  • Awning- 220×235; 250×235

As Caroline Dion, Business & Launching Manager for the Renault Trafic Range commented at the event: “After the pandemic, when we were all unable to travel, many people are yearning for freedom. We are seeing that people want to make the most of their freedom, travel, reconnect with themselves, their loved ones and nature. Converted vans with raising roofs, as a result, are becoming more popular than ever these days. They are compact, easy to park and more manoeuvrable than motorhomes. They are as convenient as a car – but you can cook and sleep in them, even in the middle of nowhere, with no restrictions.”