Picture of the Week – Special-purpose Puch G Ambulance from Lorinser Classic


Special-purpose Puch G Ambulance from Lorinser Classic

Official Mercedes-Classic Partners Lorinser Classic from Waiblingen, Germany in addition to classic roadsters, cabriolets, coupés and sedans, more and more G-Class vehicles can be found in the company’s pool of classic cars. Almost all of these originally come from the Swiss Army, where they went under the name of Puch. In addition to the standard versions, a campervan conversion and several “Restomods”, the current range also includes a particularly interesting special-purpose body. it is a quite rare ambulance vehicle from the pool of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection & Sport (DDPS), which also plays an important role in the current Coronavirus crisis.

The Puch 290 GD ambulance, first registered in 1994, is in extremely good original condition despite its age, painted in the civilian colour “Arctic White” has a mileage of only 4,500 km. One of those vehicles is currently available from Lorinser Classic – it was recently built on the basis of a military G-Class with hard top.

For €79,900, a customer can buy a true piece of history. The spacious body still contains the original frames for the stretchers and a breathing apparatus. To reduce stress for patients and personnel on hot days, the ambulance is air-conditioned in the front and rear. The engine is a 5-cylinder diesel with 95hp and a maximum torque of 192 Nm. Of course, a G always feels most at home on rough terrain. In addition to the auxiliary all-wheel drive with gear reduction, it is also equipped with differential locks on the front and rear axles. And if a tyre should run flat, a full spare wheel is stored on the roof rack. This means the 26-year old ambulance vehicle is still ready for any off-road challenge.