Picture of the Week: Unique one third scale Scammell Pioneer


Europe’s biggest classic vehicle website Car & Classic offers something unique through its steadily expanding online auction platform yet again: a unique one third scale Scammell Pioneer and valiant example of British cottage industry engineering, endeavour and craftsmanship.

Over a period of eight years, a mini replica of the iconic 6×4 Scammell Pioneer tractor which was used for paramilitary purposes in WWII Great Britain was created from scratch, using the six wheels (originally from a trailer) as the proportional sizing of all the other parts, as well as surviving Scammell dimensions being used to ensure accurate scaling.

The substantial work undertaken to complete this project is evident in the final product, its weight and the obsessive care for the detail. Not to forget the initial purpose for it, the mini Scammell is remote controlled for plodding around if one so wishes to use it.

The miniature vehicle has the correct, perfect scale ‘seating’ arrangement, a rope-wrapped steering wheel like the original, decorative levers and controls, and three footwell pedals (the functional brake one stops remote-controlled movement and the door handles, rear storage locker and folding side steps all work, just like the rear crane). To add authenticity to the experience, pre-recorded Scammell-sounds emanate from a Bluetooth speaker.

One wonders how much of the time spent on this creation was dedicated to the grille, replicating the original thanks to 9,000 washers weaved over bamboo skewers.

The mini Scammell is not just a joy for the eye: mechanics and electrics all come into play, with the radio-controlled function, an electric single speed motor, power steering, suspension and recovery crane which can be operated by hand. Cranks and winches all function; the original 6×4 configuration is maintained with the rear suspension sitting on leaf springs made by the same company which manufactures full-size versions. The articulated front axle comes with power-assisted steering.

The single speed motor drives the rear four wheels and is paired to a traditional handheld controller. Two electric seat motors from a Rover 800 control the steering.

“The impressive details on this grown-up person’s toy contribute to making the mini Scammell a unique vehicle,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt. “It is hardly surprising to see it on our pages, ready for a new owner who will appreciate its singular attraction and one-off nature; Car & Classic’s online auction platform continues to grow into the ultimate digital place for the ultimate collector item.”