Picture of the Week : VDL Hydrogen ePower on DAF CF Electric with Colruyt Group

The Colruyt Group, a Belgian retail company recently introduced this hydrogen (H2) fuel cell powered truck into its fleet, which was on display at the IAA Mobility Show, at the Messe Munich this week. 

Based on the DAF CF 4×2 tractor-unit, it has been co-designed and manufactured by VDL Special Vehicles, in collaboration with Toyota (Hydrogen Fuel Cell division) and DAF Trucks NV, as part of the H2Haul project, and will play a vital role in transporting goods between Colruyt’s various distribution centres and retail locations around the country.
This is the third such H2 project between Colruyt and VDL ETS. Among the modifications made was the development of plastic omnium. The fuel cell storage has been adopted; now contains 40 kms under 350 bar pressure, divided into seven tanks of 237 litres. And the tanks are made of carbon fibre, making them very lightweight.

‘Combined with Hydrogen and the available battery capacity, this truck can drive about 550 km, emission-free’

Even with the addition of the fuel cell stacks fitted vertically at the back of the tractor unit cab, the overall length of the truck and trailer can remain within the legal 16.5 m requirement. It also comes 210 kWh battery and applicable for a combination weight of 44 tonnes.