Porter NP6 – Piaggio’s New City Truck


2021 marks the opening of a new, important chapter in the history of Piaggio Porter. Almost twenty years from its birth, in 1992, this compact light truck has been completely revamped, along with the introduction of the new Piaggio Porter NP6 generation.

With the Piaggio Porter NP6, the first  City Truck is born: It’s a compact, lightweight, high performance, versatile, comfortable, convenient and eco-friendly commercial vehicle.

Not surprisingly, the new Piaggio Porter NP6 range abandons the petrol-only version and offers two powertrains, so-called CombiFuel, – an in-line, 1.5 litre, Euro 6 four-cylinder with a combined petrol+LPG or petrol+methane fuel system.

The CombiFuel engines are available in two different versions, based on the range distance of the LPG or methane system: Short Range, dedicated to primarily urban use, and Long Range, capable of greater range and even a higher cargo capacity. Maximum power is (105 hp) 78 kW at 6,000 rpm, with maximum torque is at 136 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

Compared to the previous generation, the cab length increases by 245 mm, measuring in at 1,640 mm: 500 mm lower than the average of light commercial vehicles. Compared to the previous Porter, the payload capacity increases by almost 30% to reach 1,275 kg for the single-wheel rear axle version and 1,610 kg for the dual-wheel version, with a gross vehicle weight that does not exceed 2,800 kg.

Among the range is the Fixed Deck version is the ideal version for those seeking a flat and regular load bed, completely usable and easily accessible. In fact, the load bed is 800 mm of the ground and the aluminium alloy dropsides and tailboard open on three sides. The load bed is available in two different lengths – standard or extra – and in any case, creates enough effective space to hold 4 europallets.

Porter NP6 is designed to easily adapt to a vast range of missions, including urban logistics, food delivery, landscaping, maintenance, mobile workshops, construction, mobile billboards and public works.

Porter NP6 is installation-ready for power take-offs, which provide up to 16 kW of power: in addition to the engine, the power take-off can also be installed on the transmission, where it is geared down and easier to reach for equipment placed behind the cab.