Price increase forced on Krone Trailers

refrigerated trailers

Krone Trailers within the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group were forced to increase its prices for the product portfolio by an average of 3.6 percent on 1 January 2017, due to the current conditions on the international raw material and energy market and the negative impact of the dollar/euro parities.

“This measure is unavoidable as a reaction to the currently massively rising raw material prices for steel, aluminum, crude oil and gas. The economic environment for the commercial vehicle industry remains challenging,” emphasized Bernhard Brüggen, CEO of Krone Commercial Vehicle SE.

“In the entire value chain, the essential cost drivers have been consistently reduced to a minimum. The overall situation forces us to make these price adjustments. Depending on the product group and the individual use of materials, the prices are moderately adjusted in line with market conditions.”