ProVision is now CameraMatics


Driving new Standards in Vehicle & Driver Safety  Globally

“We invented CameraMatics – we are CameraMatics. That’s why ProVision is now known simply as CameraMatics.” so said Simon Murray, Company founder and Director of the multi-award winning ProVision/CameraMatics company.  ‘We’re delighted to announce that ProVision is now called CameraMatics. As global leaders in vehicle safety solutions, CameraMatics is what we do – it’s who we are. The landmark launch of our new US business is the perfect opportunity to align all our streams under one name and one fresh new website –

“We’re the same business – the same team, the same award-winning solutions, the same great customer service that you expect from us.”

“Back in 2016 ProVision was established by fleet experts Mervyn O’Callaghan and Simon Murray seeing a gap in the data and solutions that Fleet Managers, manufacturers and insurance companies needed in order to run a fleet of any size safely, optimally and efficiently. As of last week we’re simply known as CameraMatics – bringing together our global operations,” he added.

“Our solution, based upon over twenty years of detailed knowledge and experience of fleets and fleet operations, was CameraMatics.It was invented to meet every need that fleet managers faced and allowed them to tackle the challenges of insurance risk-management head on. We invented it based on demand and we’re the leaders in providing it. CameraMatics is a software platform that enables companies to manage fleet and driver risk byimproving safety, reducing collisions and operating a safe and compliant fleet.

“It’s an all-round solution, which uses a combination of traditional Telematics and GPS tracking along with in-vehicle video camera vision, collision avoidance technology and smart driver and fleet manager apps.
It’s also a real-time solution – all data is live and at the fingertips of the Fleet Manager in just three clicks.”

“Within a year of our launch in Ireland, we were recognised as the leading provider of CameraMatics solutions and launched in the UK market where. We’ve won numerous industry awards for our cutting-edge, innovative solutions and recently with the Fleet Transport Innovation Award 2020. Earlier this year we opened our first office of our US operation in Richmond, Virginia. We’re international and we’re going from strength to strength.”