Quantron AG introduces Energon; a 44-tonne heavy duty truck with fuel cell technology

Quantron AG - Energon Hydrogen Heavy-Duty

Quantron AG has invested in research and development on hydrogen propulsion for commercial vehicles since its foundation and now, with the new Energon, offers a 44-tonne heavy duty truck with fuel cell for freight transport that can be fully integrated into logistics processes. It has a range of about 700 km. Based on the bonneted Iveco Powerstar (that is made and sold in Australia), the 130 kW fuel cell used, supported by a 110 kWh LFP battery, powers the 340 kW engine, which is equipped with a 2-speed transmission.

Quantron AG is working hard on other commercial vehicle developments in order to be able to offer a wide range of fuel cell solutions for companies and local authorities in the near future.

Advantages of the fuel cell

A hydrogen vehicle is an electric vehicle that obtains its energy from a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in the so-called fuel cell. The electricity generated in this process is either consumed directly in the engine or buffered in the on-board battery. Due to the high system efficiency of the fuel cell, hydrogen trucks have identical performance characteristics to normal diesel trucks. But there is one decisive advantage: the local freedom from emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. This is because the electrochemical reaction in the fuel cell produces only water vapor, which is then released into the environment when the truck is driven. Added to this are the general advantages of an e-vehicle. Because hydrogen trucks also enjoy tax and toll exemptions (in certain countries) as well as lower maintenance and operating costs than trucks with conventional diesel engines.

German headquartered Quantron AG represents the fields of eMobility, eEngineering, eBattery, electrifying commercial vehicles that have not previously driven quietly and emission-free, and also offers its own new electric utility vehicles.