Quantron implements hydrogen drive in the Iveco Daily

Quantron AG uses the technology of AE Driven Solutions GmbH (AEDS) to implement hydrogen drive solutions for vans from 3.49 tonnes upwards – initially for platform and box body vehicles based on the IVECO Daily, such as the Quantron Q-LIH2.

Quantron AG uses the technology of AE Driven Solutions GmbH (AEDS) to implement hydrogen drive solutions for vans from 3.49 tonnes upwards – initially for platform and box body vehicles based on the IVECO Daily, such as the Quantron Q-LIH2.

The company is working on expanding its product range for vans with fuel cells in order to be able to offer hydrogen vehicles with different bodies and other models from other manufacturers in the future.
The internationally agreed climate targets up to 2030 in the first step and up to 2050 in the final step are very big challenges. The transport sector, especially the commercial vehicle sector, must make a strong contribution to this. There is a frequent debate about whether battery-powered electromobility or fuel cells are the better solution. But there must be no “either/or” question here. After all, a hydrogen-powered vehicle is also an electric vehicle that draws its electricity from a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in the so-called fuel cell. These two variants of e-mobility are therefore not mutually exclusive, but complement each other to provide a wide range of solutions for short and long distances in accordance with the vehicle’s application profile, and provide a variety of options for reducing companies’ CO2 foodprint. The combination of both technologies allows for alternative powered vehicles with a range of up to 400 km and a payload of up to 1,200 kg.
Cooperation with AE Driven Solutions GmbH (AEDS)
Quantron AG has been working on hydrogen propulsion for commercial vehicles since its foundation and has since then bundled many competencies in this business unit. The cooperation with AE Driven Solutions GmbH will decisively strengthen this in the segment of vans from 3.49 tonnes upwards. AEDS specializes in sustainable mobility and logistics concepts based on hydrogen as an energy carrier and has decades of experience and know-how in this field.

Advantages of the fuel cell and product range
In a hydrogen-powered vehicle, the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen produces electric current in the fuel cell, which is used as a range extender to charge the drive battery. There are decisive advantages compared to conventional combustion engines: the local freedom from emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. This is because the reaction in the fuel cell produces only water vapor, which is then released into the environment during driving. Added to this are the general advantages of an e-vehicle. Because hydrogen vehicles also enjoy tax and toll exemptions as well as lower maintenance and operating costs than vehicles with conventional diesel engines.
Quantron AG is thus also bringing hydrogen propulsion to the van segment from 3.49 tonnes upwards. In the future, there will be solutions for all types of superstructures (including those with additional consumers such as refrigerated bodies) and a wide range of models from a variety of manufacturers. The decisive factor is that the focus will again be on existing vehicles that can be converted with the help of the AEDS fuel cell range extender. Thus, already existing resources are also used here, which further underpins the CO2 savings.

On the basis of the IVECO Daily, Quantron will, for example, have vehicles with 4.2 tonnes and 100 kW output as well as 7.2 tonnes and 147 kW output in its product range, which have ranges of 300 km to 500 km depending on the tank size selected.

Quantron AG represents the areas of e-mobility, e-engineering and e-battery. In addition to the range of new electrified commercial vehicles and buses, we offer our customers the electrification of their used and existing vehicles, which will then be quiet and emission-free in the future. We also have the fuel cell for commercial vehicles in our product range, which is also being constantly expanded in this area. From the design of the appropriate drive concept, the charging infrastructure, rental, financing and leasing concepts, to driver training, end users benefit from e-mobility in passenger, transport and freight traffic as well as a network of 700 service partners and the comprehensive knowledge of qualified experts in the fields of power electronics and battery technology – among other things through our cooperation with CATL, the world’s largest battery producer. Quantron AG was founded in 2019 with the vision of paving the way for e-mobility in the commercial vehicle business. Together with the Haller Group, we look back on more than 138 years of experience in commercial vehicles and conduct research every day on our e-vehicles and emission-free drive technologies to make them even more efficient.

About AE Driven Solution GmbH
AE Driven Solutions GmbH (AEDS) is a new start-up from the RWTH Aachen University environment, but one with a great deal of experience and expertise. The AEDS team has decades of experience and proven know-how in the areas of vehicle construction, compressor technology, project management, mobility and logistics. Furthermore, the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP, a mechanical and plant engineering company founded in 1830 in Aachen, Germany, as a shareholder of AEDS brings decades of experience in the worldwide project business, especially 100 years of experience in the development and production of solutions for hydrogen compression, into the competence mix of AEDS. The aim of AEDS, based in the Aachen AVANTIS development park, is to develop sustainable mobility and logistics concepts based on hydrogen as an energy carrier. The concepts include the development and construction of a fuel cell range extender as well as the design and tendering of the necessary hydrogen infrastructure. The AEDS products are based on existing infrastructure and technical systems, which are newly combined and sensibly extended. With innovative solutions for hydrogen production, hydrogen refuelling and fuel cell systems, AE Driven Solutions GmbH can actively support cities, municipalities, public transport operators and fleet operators in the implementation of sustainable mobility concepts.