Renault Tech at the service of inclusive mobility with the New Kangoo TPMR

  • Renault Tech reveals the New Kangoo for the Transport for People with Reduced Mobility (TPMR), designed around three key points: inclusive mobility, comfort, and modularity.
  • The New Kangoo TPMR innovates on the European market by integrating the sliding access ramp under the vehicle, for optimum comfort.
  • Produced in France at the Renault Tech site in Heudebouville (Normandie), it will go on sale in autumn 2021 in France and Europe and will be available with 100 and 130 hp petrol engines.
  • The New Kangoo TPMR offers many advantages and possibilities for transport operators and private customers alike.

“At Renault Tech, 2021 marks an important stage in the renewal of the TPMR range. With the New Kangoo, we are launching the 4th generation of TPMR transformation based on an MPV, more adapted to the uses of passengers and users, 60% of whom are transport professionals. Renault intends to maintain its leadership position in France and develop its sales in Europe, with a new Renault Tech range of vehicles approved for Europe (RCE). As with the New Kangoo, the TPMR version innovates by offering a unique solution on the European market. The vehicle integrates the access ramp under the body of the vehicle, which improves acoustics and comfort for wheelchair users, facilitates handling by the attendant and makes the vehicle more inclusive. The New Kangoo TPMR also offers unequalled modularity in the same vehicle, thanks to its three individual seats in row 2”, stated Rafaël Treguer, Renault Tech Managing Director at the on-line launch.

The New Kangoo TPMR is distinguished by three strong features

More inclusive mobility, with the underbody manual ramp

Renault Tech is offering an exclusive sliding access ramp on the New Kangoo TPMR, positioned at the vehicle’s underbody, a first on the European TPMR market. A real innovation, it allows the wheelchair occupant to have an environment free of any visible discriminating element and to reduce environmental noise linked to the vibrations of the ramp when it is positioned in the passenger compartment.

The wheelchair passenger also benefits from an optimal level of safety thanks to the BraunAbility© fastening systems that secure the wheelchair’s position in the vehicle.

Increased comfort for the well-being of the wheelchair passenger

For even greater comfort, Renault Tech offers a horizontal, non-slip and washable floor, with a reduced angle of inclination (from 7° to 4°), allowing wheelchair users to have a good view of the road, limiting motion sickness and being closer to other passengers, which makes this vehicle more user-friendly.

The innovation of the underbody ramp considerably reduces the environmental noise caused by the vibrations of the ramp and improves the acoustic comfort on board the vehicle.

Unparalleled modularity with a wide range of configurations on the same vehicle

The optimisation of the space available in the passenger compartment, thanks to the three individual row 2 seats developed by Renault Tech to replace the original bench seat, gives the New Kangoo TPMR an unrivalled modularity.

It is now possible to have several seat configurations and to modulate the number of passengers in the same vehicle: 3 individual seats + 1 wheelchair, 4 individual seats + 1 wheelchair or 5 individual seats without a wheelchair. This unique modularity offers many advantages and possibilities to customers, transport professionals and private individuals.

Renault Tech, 35 years of experience in TPMR transformation – The history of Renault Tech began with the Express TPMR marketed in 1987.

With 35 years of experience in this type of conversion, Renault Tech is a pioneer and leader in France in the TPMR market and one of the leading bodybuilders in Europe. It designs, produces, and markets vehicle conversions for the entire Renault Group at the request of private, professional, and corporate customers.

Renault Tech employs 358 people at 14 sites in six countries, 12 of which are integrated into Renault Group plants. The TPMR activity is carried out in France at the Heudebouville site (Normandie), and at the Sandouville plant (Normandie). It has a complete range of TPMR vehicles with the Kangoo, the Trafic and the Master:

  • The Renault Trafic TPMR offers the possibility of transporting one person in a wheelchair and up to 7 seated passengers.
  • The Renault Master TPMR proposes 10 configurations to transport up to 5 wheelchair users and up to 9 able-bodied passengers depending on the vehicle version chosen (L2 or L3 base).

The New Kangoo TPMR will be available to order from July 2021 in France and Europe. Conversion kits will also be available to order for our European bodybuilding partners from September. It will be available with 100 and 130 bhp petrol engines, with manual or automatic gearboxes.