Reshaping urban logistics – Renault Trucks and the Jacky Perrenot Group

A unique urban logistics solution has been devised by two major players in the transport sector Renault Trucks and the Jacky Perrenot Group. Both partners are launching an innovative, intelligent logistics solution that promises significant gains in terms of safety, environmental impact and productivity.

Driven by the same ambition to provide sustainable, high-performance solutions for urban mobility, long-standing partners Renault Trucks and the Jacky Perrenot Group have pooled their expertise to present a twofold innovation that redefines urban logistics. It is an innovative solution that combines the use of mobile containers to replace traditional pallets and the deployment of an exclusive automated loading and unloading system.

Renault Trucks and the Jacky Perrenot Group are reinventing urban logistics by equipping the refrigerated body of an all-electric Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wide 26-tonne truck with a carousel system developed by ACTEMIUM – the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to industry – that holds the containers carrying the goods to be delivered, thus replacing conventional pallets.

These mobile containers, which are available in different configurations including dry box, isothermal or wire mesh rolls, are automatically presented to the driver at destination, thanks to an automated preparation, loading and unloading system.

An integrated computer system ensures the traceability of containers and optimises route planning, focusing in particular on anticipating the loading and unloading phases when approaching a store. This additional assistance will benefit customers when planning deliveries.

This innovation offers significant improvements for all parties involved.

Drivers benefit from a significant improvement in their working conditions. Firstly, the system saves them from having to repeatedly climb on and off the truck, as well as from having to strap and stow the loads. Secondly, it eliminates the risks associated with pallet handling and the vehicle tailgate. By removing physically demanding tasks and simplifying processes, drivers can focus on the overall management of the delivery.

In addition, the combination of a Renault Trucks E-Tech D Wide electric chassis and the automated system promises a significant reduction – estimated at 30% – in loading and unloading times, thus improving productivity and easing urban congestion by reducing the time the truck is parked on the public highway. It also provides a delivery solution without noise or emissions for city dwellers.

The Jacky Perrenot Group is set to be the first transport operator to use this solution, co-developed with Renault Trucks, ACTEMIUM and Frappa, starting in 2024. This is a significant step forward in the evolution of urban delivery and its associated constraints, confirming the partners’ commitment to sustainable and efficient transport and logistics.