RSA clarification on testing and costs for vehicles due retest before lockdown


Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) centres have been back in operation since early May with some restrictions. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has issued some guidelines and ask operators to contact their local test centre for-up-to-date information on the procedures in place and which they must follow, on presenting a vehicle for test.

Some points for operators to be aware of are as follows:.

  • Only vehicles with an expiry date before 28-03-20 will be tested initially.
  • Vehicles with a test due date, after 28-03-20 are covered by the order issued by the Minister on 1-04-20 extending the validity of roadworthiness cert for three months and will not need to avail of testing in the short term. However, testing for these vehicles will resume in the coming weeks.
  • Individual test centres will be required to put rigorous and robust protocols in place that meet public and occupational health requirements to protect staff and Customers.

Another important point is that if a vehicle is tested and fails and is given 21 days (and 4,000kms) to retest – the retest is either free (if just a visual recheck) or a reduced rate if an equipment retest.

Regarding any vehicle that was due a retest on 28 March 2020, the RSA has confirmed the following: These vehicles must undergo a full test. But the vehicle owner will only be expected to pay the cost of whatever the retest would have cost them (if any cost at all) – as follows:

  • For equipment retests, the customer will be charged the cost of an equipmentretest.
  • For non-equipment retests, the customer will not be charged.

More information is available at