Scania introduces Super New 13 Litre Engine

Scania 460 R 4x2 Highline

For all truck manufacturers the largest market share is to be found in the middle of the power band between 400 to 500 hp. Now to serve this major market segment and the majority of their customers Scania has launched a new 13-litre engine. With this block Scania is offering four power ratings from 410 to 560 hp and when combined with other drivetrain updates the Scania ‘Super’ will deliver fuel savings of up to 8%. This 8%, according to Scania engineers could translate to an annual saving of €2,600 per vehicle with fuel at €1.12/l and AdBlue €0.61/l covering a millage of 130,000 kms.

The Swedish engineers have reworked many engine components to reduce weight and increase efficiencies which resulted in a 5% fuel saving from the engine alone, another 3% was realised with new lighter transmission options and a new rear axle. Their attention also focused on safety with a new powerful engine brake system that will deliver 350 kW retardation across all four engine variants.

Digital rear-view mirror

For sometime now all Scania’s engines can operate on Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and this continues through to the new engine. In addition, the new six-cylinder will also be available in a gas and two Biodiesel versions.

One of the most important innovations means operators have a choice of 9 rear axle ratios from an high 1.95:1 to a low 4.11:1. A vast range of fuel tanks and mountings for ancillary equipment are now available with Scania’s modular assembly programme which allows operators to specify the exact fuel tank/s and mounting point for the tank/s. The new D profile tanks come with a fuel optimiser unit that now houses an electric fuel plump to feed the engine and a water separator and drain valve to remove water from the fuel system.

Of course,  one major talking point is the new digital mirror system. While this system is an option that many will be interested in and is fast becoming the norm. Scania’s decision to mount the cameras just below the window line has created debate. Paul White