Schmitz Cargobull supports Ukraine aid organisation “Brücke” with donation campaign

*Over €37,000 raised for urgently needed medical supplies

In view of the ongoing war and the suffering faced by the population in Ukraine, Schmitz Cargobull recently launched another appeal for donations for urgently needed medical supplies and means of transport within the company.

The response and willingness to help within the workforce was great, with employees donating the impressive sum of €18,565. This sum was doubled by the company, so that a total of €37,137 was transferred to the Ukrainian aid organisation, the “Brücke” association.

The donations will go directly towards the purchase of an ambulance and life-saving medical equipment, such as medication, bandages, syringes, bandages, catheters, defibrillators, stretchers and much more.

The “Brücke” association was founded in 2022 by eleven committed German and Ukrainian members who have established a direct link to the clinics in the crisis areas. They receive requests on a daily basis and deliver the urgently needed aid directly to the Ukrainian clinics. The donated funds are spent 1:1 on purchasing the materials needed to help the people in Ukraine directly and quickly.