Seafrigo standardises all global operational processes with implementation of CargoWise platform


Le Havre, France:  Seafrigo, the global specialist and leader in temperature-controlled food logistics, has commenced the roll out of CargoWise across its multi-modal forwarding operations.

Operations in Egypt, Australia and various points in Asia have already been successfully completed while its entire USA network has transferred this month.  Next will follow the company’s extensive Belgian operation and the switch over will be completed by the end of Q2 2022 with Seafrigo’s home base – France where many of the company’s centralised functions are based.

Improved operational efficiency is being achieved through using a single database across the whole company.  The one file system simplifies procedures, means no reprocessing and therefore reduces the risk of errors or losing data.

Staff in all locations were fully prepared for the move to CargoWise and have had extensive training in the drive towards a paperless environment working to a single file process where origin and destination, air, and ocean can all work to that same file.

Real-time visibility has also been enhanced through fewer touch-points, less risk of data loss and greater message accuracy.

“This digital transformation using CargoWise makes Seafrigo more efficient and as a result of that improved efficiency we are able to provide an even better service to our customers” says Seafrigo’s Organizational Development & Logistics Projects Director, Vincent Andre. “We’ve seen a very smooth transition with the first cut-over countries and an extremely high engagement from our teams who can see the benefits of using CargoWise to Seafrigo.  We have placed significant capital and human investment in this global change in our workflow systems and we are already seeing the benefits”.

All new Seafrigo office openings in the future will automatically operate on the CargoWise platform.