Single axle furniture step deck trailer from Talson


One of the leading box manufacturers Talson, located in Venlo, the Netherlands recently expanded the fleet of Gering Meubeltransport with single axle furniture step deck trailers with an interior height of up to 3055 mm.

With its Solutioner Segment, Talson offers 2 models to its customers, respectively multifunctional box TGG TAL and TGM TAL vehicles are suitable for the transportation of garments, boxes, valuables, fragile goods and musical instruments.

Talson developed customized single axle furniture step deck trailer with an internal height of 3055 mm as a result of its extensive experience in this segment special for Gering Meubeltransport.

A semi-trailer with an internal height of 3055 mm and the possibility of creating a second or third loading floor. The dream of every furniture transporter. Gering Meubeltransport in Landgraaf has taken into use three Talson large-volume trailers with these features into operation. The transport company has now placed an order for three more of these trailers.

These are single-axle so-called single axle furniture step deck trailers. They are equipped with a gooseneck construction that gives them a normal coupling height (1200 mm) and a loading height of the previously mentioned 3055 mm over most of the length. In the front part of the trailer the loading height is 2655 mm.

The special feature of Talson trailers is the absence of a chassis. The trailers are self-supporting, just like a passenger car, for example. This explains the large interior height. Guido Keybek, director of Gering, says, “We transport cabinets and benches, among other things. The additional ten centimeters of loading height (compared to a trailer with a chassis) serve us well. We can hook in crossbars in the sidewalls. This creates additional loading floors for goods that cannot be stacked.”

And why no low loading floor in the front part of the trailer? “We transport all over Europe and use charters a lot. Our trailers have to be hitchable for standard tractors.” The low rear makes manual unloading at street level easy. With the air suspension in the highest position, the trailers can be parked at a loading dock.

The first impression of the newly delivered trailers according to Keybek: “Stable, solid, durable.”

Convincing enough for an order for three more of these Talson to be delivered during 2021.

Features and Technical data

Talson’s Single Axle Furniture Step Deck Trailer is manufactured by using a special aluminum design. The vehicle guarantees a longer lifetime while its modular design guarantees less waste during repair and maintenance.

Self-supporting aluminum body. Gooseneck frame with kingpin and support legs at the front. Support frame with rigid double-tyred BPW axle (9 tons) at the rear. 17,5 inch wheels.

Normal coupling height (1200 mm).
Air suspension on the rear axle. Rear side can be pneumatically raised to loading dock height. raised. Equipped with hardwood floor, battened panelling partly in hardwood for crossbars on 3 levels.

Translucent polyester roof.
Inside dimensions (l x w x h): 13445 x 2447 x 2655 / 3055 mm.