Smart Tachograph Legislation implemented

New legislation to reduce fraud through tachograph manipulation has come into effect across the European Union

Annex 1C (EU 2016/799) – the smart tachograph legislation has come into effect across the European Union. The new legislation, first discussed by the European Commission ten years ago, is being introduced to reduce fraud through tachograph manipulation, improve the efficiency of the control of the system and reduce the administrative burden on fleets.

Developer and supplier Stoneridge has confirmed that it is ready for the new legislation and to help fleets, drivers and workshops adapt to the change. Its full type approved 1C smart tachograph, the SE5000 Connekt, which was launched in April with shipments to OEMs, has seen strong demand in the market.

 In addition, Stoneridge is in a position to continue to serve customers with separate production lines for its 1B SE5000 Exakt Duo2 and 1C SE5000 Connekt tachographs to ensure they meet the demands of the market. Supply of the 1C smart tachograph is crucial to helping the market prepare for the Annex 1C introduction. However, 1B tachographs are still needed for supply to AETR (The European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport) markets and the Aftermarket where 1C fitment is not obligatory.  

To be in line with the new 1C legislation, workshops need to ensure they have updated their tachograph workshop tools to take account of the new smart tachograph features, such as the correct testing procedure for GNSS and the DSRC module. They will need to ensure they are using the new seals and recording the seal number used at calibration on the vehicle calibration plaque. Stoneridge can support all of this, as the updates to its Optimo2 workshop platform for configuring, programming and calibrating tachographs and its CITO2 workshop software were ready well ahead of the legislation introduction date.  

Workshops will also need to ensure their technicians complete an approved Annex 1C tachograph fitter course and apply for a new workshop card to work with smart tachographs.

For fleets and drivers, there will be no change required to comply with the Drivers’ Hours Regulation and Working Time Directive, and they will need to continue downloading, storing and analysing their digital tachograph data. To do so, they will need to ensure their download tools and software are updated to be compliant with the Annex 1C changes and accept the new 1C data set. Stoneridge can support this through its OPTAC3 online tachograph analysis software and download tools such as the digifobpro and digiDL remote download.