SmartDrive Systems to showcase its latest video safety programme at ITT Hub


Visitors are invited to explore how SmartDrive’s unique 4-stage process enables fleets to minimise road risk in light of ecommerce growth and modern technological distractions. 

Video-based safety programme provider SmartDrive Systems will be demonstrating to fleet operators how they can reduce road risk, protect their drivers and cut costs on stand C3 at the Innovation & Technology in Transport event, (ITT Hub), at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre, 30 June – 1 July 2021.

SmartDrive will be taking visitors on a journey, using one of its last mile delivery client’s vehicles, to demonstrate to operators how they can use its video safety programme to dramatically reduce road risk. Unlike most camera systems, which are typically reactive in nature, SmartDrive footage is analysed by highly experienced professionals who equip the fleet manager with driver-specific coaching insights.

SmartDrive Systems’ Managing Director, Penny Brooks, says the system allows fleet operators in all commercial sectors, from truck and van, to bus and coach, to improve driver safety and performance quickly and effectively, driving down road risk.

“Ours is a preventative, proactive system,” she says. “It enables operators to identify driver behaviours which create road risk and eliminate them through objective, targeted coaching, as well as providing the benefits of collision evidence, exonerating drivers, recognising good driving and speeding up the FNOL process.”

These are only some of the current challenges which SmartDrive is uniquely equipped to address.

“Factors such as the boom in ecommerce following the pandemic, and the increasingly sophisticated technology which most of us utilise, mean the roads are busier than ever and the risks to fleet safety have never been greater,” says Brooks.

“SmartDrive has analysed more than 330 million pieces of risky driving footage globally and is an expert on correlations between factors such as driver distraction and collision risk. We can also share insights into mitigating specific risks, including vulnerable road users and safe manoeuvring in urban environments,” she adds.

A visitor education experience

SmartDrive’s stand (C3) at ITT Hub will take visitors on a road safety journey, explaining:

  • Event capture: the camera, trigger and upload technologies.
  • Review and analysis: how its highly trained risk analysts examine every piece of footage, grade it in line with individual fleet policies and create coaching insights.
  • Reporting: configured and personalised reports to match fleets’ road safety policies and operating procedures.
  • Driver coaching: how SmartDrive supports client fleets in creating bespoke driver improvement programmes.

Next generation road safety

SmartDrive works with truck, passenger and van fleets globally. Its offer is unique in capturing and analysing key vehicle data, such as speed, location and direction of travel, coupled with unarguable footage from before, during and after on-road events – and turning this into driver coaching insights which allow fleet managers to drive down road risk on a daily basis.

SmartDrive is part of Omnitracs, the US transport management systems specialist, and has a broad, real-world understanding of the role different technology solutions play in fleet safety, driver protection and fulfilling an operator’s duty of care function.

The SmartDrive approach brings benefits to all fleets, whether they are new to road safety interventions, or sophisticated telematics users says Brooks.

“Telematics gives operators an excellent data source. However, for that vital context and narrative surrounding on-road incidents, you can’t manage what you can’t see! Fleets need professionally analysed, actionable video data, rather than simply exception data,” says Brooks. “The SmartDrive approach highlights those driver behaviours which may otherwise go unnoticed, but we know have a strong correlation to risk.”

“It is not technology or data alone which brings safety results,” she says. “It is the intelligence and objective risk analysis which turns that data into a fast, effective tool for eliminating risky behaviours. Fleet managers do not have the training in this type of risk analysis, or the time required, to do this in a comprehensive manner. That’s why we do it for them.”

For more insights into SmartDrive Systems’ video safety programme, visit stand C3 at ITT Hub.