SmartWitness Launches CP4S – DVS Compliant 4-Channel 4G Connected Multi-Channel Recorder


SmartWitness, the Video telematics provider is launching a 4G connected four-channel vehicle recorder for Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliance. The SmartWitness CP4S is arguably the world’s smallest and most powerful four-channel connected vehicle recorder – and is being hailed as the most comprehensive solution to TfL’s DVS regulations.

The CP4S is 10 times faster than existing 3G devices with an internal 4G/LTE modem capable of upload speeds of 50 Mbps, and downloads of 100 Mbps. The massive improvement in connectivity speeds means that the CP4S is able to stream four video channels simultaneously at 780P and 15 FPS, Another added plus with its its compact size (120mm x 28mm x 90mm and only 166g) is it can be easily installed and stored into any vehicle.

The four-channels of video plus an optional monitor offers drivers near 360 degrees of vision around any truck, eliminating blind spots, thus providing DVS compliance for the current rules. The CP4S also future proofs fleets for proposed changes in legislation in three-year’s time.

CP4S is a cloud-connected mini-DVR which provides high resolution visibility and protection for fleets, plus telematics data that provides powerful insights into driving dynamics like harsh braking, cornering and accelerating.
In the event of an incident the CP4S captures the 10 seconds prior to the event, the event itself, and 10 seconds following the incident and automatically uploads all this video and GPS data to the cloud.
Packed with state-of-the art G sensors and high-speed connectivity, the CP4S provides real-time decision making capabilities for operators and managers to coach drivers, capture incidents and reduce costs.

SmartWitness EMEA MD Fearghal MacGowan said: “The CP4S provides the most comprehensive solution for DVS compliance on the market. No driver wants to injure a cyclist or pedestrian, but they often lack the visibility they need to drive safely. Our solution virtually eliminates driver blind spots which will result in safer driving and fewer fatalities.”