Solaris Bus to deliver additional 100 Buses to Milan


Milan, one of the fashion capitals of Europe, will have almost 300 electric buses entering commuter service, manufactured by Polish manufacturer Solaris. The city operator, ATM, has committed to run a diesel-free fleet by 2030. Solaris produced its first electric bus in 2011. Since then the company now has 100 customers using all electric buses in 18 countries. Solaris began a partnership with ATM in 2014. Deliveries to Milan of the current order will begin in Spring of next year, which will include the milestone 1,000th electric bus to delivered by Solaris.

All of the Solaris buses destined for Milan will have “Mobileye Shield & Mirror Eye” fitted. These safety features help to reduce blind spots and improve safety for pedestrians. ATM will also retrofit their existing fleet with theses safety features.