Solutrans Lyon: BPW confirms leadership claim for axles, running gear & transport networks


At the Solutrans trade fair in Lyon, the BPW Group confirmed their claim to being European technology leader for axles, running gear systems and the digital networking of driver, freight and vehicle. For the first time, BPW and Thermo King are presenting a climate-efficient cooling system for trailers together that recovers energy through an innovative, intelligent running gear.

In mid-November, Lyon becomes the hub of the European transport and logistics industry. At the Solutrans trade fair, the leading manufacturers are displaying which solutions will move freight, drivers and vehicles in the future. Trend subject number one: Climate efficiency and e-mobility. With the BPW Group and Thermo King, two industry leaders are presenting the first details of a system solution together that should revolutionise refrigerated transport: A modular component kit, with which vehicle manufacturers can realise a climate-friendly and quiet cooling solution for every application – from city transport to long-distance. The core is a an innovative energy-recovering trailer axle from BPW, which generates electricity during driving and braking. Intelligent energy management ensures that the refrigerating system always has enough energy reserves available. Typical for BPW is the modularity and easy integration of the solution into existing vehicle architectures.

OEM-readyness also characterises the axle-integrated, battery-powered drive system eTransport, which BPW is presenting in Lyon for trucks of 5.5-7.5 and 18-26 tonnes. It integrates seamlessly into existing truck chassis and is suitable as much for retrofitting as for new vehicles. At the same time, it is the basis of the truck launched in Germany under the brand BPW just a few weeks ago, which can shoulder an enormous three tonnes of load with a permitted total weight of 7.5 tonnes (without superstructure: four tonnes) – with a range of 200 kilometres. The BAX 7.5 is also characterised by its versatility; it does not need any design changes from vehicle and superstructure manufacturers, thereby allowing a quick and cost-effective market launch, even of special vehicles. The European market launch is planned for mid-2022.

Another special feature of the BAX 7.5 is a telematics system that informs the driver, scheduler and fleet manager about all the vehicle states in real time and even displays the load. It comes from the BPW subsidiary idem telematics, which is also exhibiting in Lyon: As a result of a new hardware generation (“Gateway Pro”), idem telematics drastically simplifies the installation, commissioning and maintenance of telematics for trucks and trailers. Self-assembly is also possible for the first time. In this way, idem telematics wants to further expand its position as European market leader for system-open transport connectivity.

Going forward, load securing will also be a component of a networked transport process: For the first time, in France BPW is exhibiting the multi-award winning and smart load securing system iGurt, a sensed strap, which displays the tension forces during the tightening process and sends a warning to the driver or scheduler during the journey if a critical value is reached. As a result, the safety of sensitive goods is increased and damage due to the tight lashing or the tipping of cargo, is prevented, as are dangerous accidents.

For BPW, transport efficiency and climate-efficiency are inseparable. This is why BPW has made the world’s lightest trailer running gear even lighter and also expanded the digitalisation: Thanks to digital DNA, laser technology and intelligent modules, the “Airlight 2” running gear kit now covers an even wider range of applications – both on the motorway and off the beaten track. The weight saving of up to 96 kilograms with corresponding lightweight technology components is sensational. Through an online-based configurator, BPW enables vehicle manufacturers to identify and order the optimal configuration as a digital twin from trillions of possibilities. The online configuration also simplifies the design process so that an engineering degree is no longer needed in order to create a perfect trailer running gear.

Thore Bakker, General Manager Trailer Solutions & Mobility Services at BPW: “Solutrans is one of the most important leading European trade fairs and a key indicator for innovations and technologies. We are therefore pleased to be able to present our new solutions and developments in Lyon. With our electric chassis solutions for inner-city and refrigerated logistics, we are setting important milestones for reducing emissions and meeting political framework conditions. Transport operators benefit from consistently efficient transport processes right up to the last mile.”