Spain to legislate the fitting of alcohol interlocks on trucks and buses from 2022


Policymakers in Spain are considering new legislation in the fight against drink-driving.  A law currently under discussion in the Spanish Houses of Parliament could see alcohol interlocks required on trucks and buses from next year.

The European Union agreed in 2019 that all new types of car, van, truck and bus should be fitted with a standardised interface for the connection of an alcohol interlock from next year.  The requirement would be extended to all new vehicles in those categories sold from 2024.

The Spanish proposal goes substantially further by requiring truck and buses to be fitted with the devices.  Alcohol interlocks require the driver to blow into a device that prevents a vehicle being started if he or she is over a pre-set limit.

Neighbouring country France already requires alcohol interlocks on all coaches and buses.

The ETSC has long advocated for the standard fitting of alcohol interlocks on all professional vehicles, and as part of rehabilitation schemes for repeat drink driving offenders.

A new interactive map on the ETSC website, gives a detailed overview of the use of alcohol interlocks in Europe.