Stellantis Showcases Robust 2023 Full-Year Sales Growth in the European Total and Electrified Markets


In an industry still marked by unprecedented disruptions and transformations, with increasing competition leveraged by new entrants, Stellantis reports significant sales growth in 2023, of 5.9% in Europe across all segments and energies. Stellantis crossed the finish line as the runner-up in European market sales, securing a 18.4% market share on a full-year basis. Stellantis dominance in the CV segment, with a market share consistently above 30%, supports the Stellantis Pro One business unit in its sector leadership.

There have been noteworthy achievements in key European markets, with sales (PC+CV) up compared to last year: +2.2% in France, +5% in Germany, +10.6% in Italy, +3.5% in Spain, +16.8% in the UK. Positive performance from the rest of Europe too, with significant growth also in Belux, Ireland, Portugal, and Switzerland. Overall, France, Italy, and Portugal lead the total market, with France and The Netherlands ahead in the electrified market.

In the BEV market, Stellantis is growing rapidly, with a 14% increase compared to FY 2022, seizing a 14.2% market share in Europe and leading in various BEV segments. BEV sales are steadily increasing from one quarter to the next, giving Stellantis a podium placing in the European rankings. Models such as the Fiat 500e, Opel/Vauxhall Corsa electric, Peugeot e-208, Jeep Avenger and the entire BEV Pro One Commercial Vehicles line-up (38.6% market share) have boosted the Company’s performance.

“As we reflect on an extraordinary year, our full-year sales performance reaffirms our position as the unrivaled challenger for the #1 spot,” said Uwe Hochgeschurtz, Stellantis Chief Operating Officer, Enlarged Europe. “We not only set the pace but redefine the race, securing the top positions in the BEV market. This success is not just a milestone; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to shaping the electric future, where we don’t just follow trends but create them. These results serve as proof of our entire team’s hard work and dedication, as well as of the strong support from our employees and partners.”

In the EU29, overall results indicate a positive transition from 2023 to the new year, mirroring the overall trend in key European countries. As the leading automaker in France, Stellantis excels in the electrified vehicle market, achieving a remarkable 27.4% share, significantly growing compared to 2022 and outperforming its main competitor by 4 points in the BEV market. In Italy, Stellantis has emerged as the overall market leader, ending 2023 with a dominant 45.5% share in the CV business. The company is reinforcing its leadership in the energy transition, with one in four electrified vehicles and half of electric CVs made by Stellantis. There is also positive performance in Germany, where Stellantis has consolidated its position as the second-largest automotive company. The Opel Corsa continues as the best-selling vehicle in the B segment for the third year running, reaching its highest level of registrations since 2016. Additionally, Stellantis leads the CV market for the fourth month in a row.

The company’s accomplishments extend to Spain, where it leads in the electrified vehicle market and has secured top positions in plug-in hybrid and 100% electric CV sales. In the UK, Stellantis is growing YoY and Vauxhall stands out as the third-best selling brand in the van market; it leads in the electric CV business, boosted by the Vivaro Electric. The Corsa series and Mokka Electric dominate, as the best-selling supermini and electric B-SUV, respectively.

With the introduction of several new models in 2024, Stellantis is on track to double its all-electric model offering In Europe by the end of the year. As part of its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, it remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and to delivering value to its stakeholders.