Tesla brings Cybertruck to Ireland, as part of its Cyber Odyssey


Tesla has confirmed that Cybertruck will be touring Europe, as part of its Cyber Odyssey.

Starting this week and until July 7th, Cybertruck will be displayed in over 100 locations in 20 countries as Europe’s first look at the iconic vehicle. The public will be able to meet the vehicle and learn more about its unique specs, features and innovative engineering. Attendees will also have the opportunity to book test drives with the award-winning Model Y and Upgraded Model 3.

The Cybertruck will make its first appearance on 7th June at Tesla Centre Belfast where it’ll be on display for the weekend before moving south into the Republic of Ireland, starting at the Tesla Centre in Dublin.

Cybertruck will also be displayed at the below locations:

  • Tesla Centre Belfast– 7th to 9th June
  • Tesla Centre Dublin – 14th of June
  • Dundrum Shopping Centre – 15th of June
  • Tesla Centre Cork – 18th of 23rd June

You can visit our landing page for more details on the Cyber Odyssey locations, timings and events: https://www.tesla.com/en_gb/cyber-odyssey

Every Cyber Odyssey stop will offer the opportunity to buy Cybertruck dedicated merchandising on site. A dedicated online shop is also available: https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/category/cyber

Better utility than a truck, more performance than a sportscar, Cyberpunk sensibility

Cybertruck’s futuristic design draws inspiration from cyberpunk aesthetics, notably showcased in the movies Blade Runner and The Spy Who Loved Me. Its exterior shell is made from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel which helps protect against dents and dings and long-term corrosion, providing protection beyond industry standards. Cybertruck’s performance variant named Cyberbeast goes from 0 to 100 kmph in just 2.7 seconds, while maintaining high-speed stability. Standard Adaptive Air Suspension delivers millisecond adjustments to optimize both ride and handling. With steer-by-wire and rear steering, Cyberbeast offers the handling of a sportscar and a better turning circle than most sedans.

Inside the cargo bed, you can find two 120V power outlets and one 240V outlet, to plug in wherever you go. For the first time, Tesla Powershare technology enables bidirectional power transfer to charge any device, other electric vehicles, and even power a home via the charger port.

Deliveries have started in North-America

Cybertruck is manufactured in Tesla’s Giga Factory in Austin, Texas and deliveries to customers in North America started early December 2023. While production ramp up will take time, Tesla will be focusing on North America, the main volume market for pick-up trucks.

Cybertruck is currently not available in Europe and timescales for deliveries outside of North America have yet to be announced.

Learn more about Cybertruck: tesla.com/cybertruck