Texaco HDAX 9500 SAE 40 obtains TEDOM approval


Texaco Lubricants has stated that its HDAX 9500 SAE 40 product has obtained global approval from the TEDOM Group. The approval comes following the successful completion of a field trial on a model TG 210 G5V TW 87 TEDOM engine, running on natural gas. The trial lasted 2,500 hours.

TEDOM has confirmed that Texaco HDAX 9500 SAE 40 meets the requirement of rule 61-0-0281.1, covering natural gas (G), propan-butan (P), landfill (L), biogas (B) and sewage gas (S) fuel applications.

Speaking of the approval, Ali Redouane Manager, Marketing – Global Marine & FL Europe for Texaco Lubricants said, “TEDOM operates in more than 50 countries across the globe, making it an extremely important customer for Texaco products. This latest approval for our HDAX product is a reflection of the hard work and innovation that our distributor partners and Texaco technical support provide to our customers every day.”

HDAX 9500 SAE HDAX 9500 SAE 40 is a premium performance dispersant/detergent-type extended drain gas engine oil.  Formulated with optimised ash levels for valve recession control and to help prevent potential pre-ignition, its low phosphorus additive formulation allows it to be used with catalyst systems. Additionally, it has been designed for optimum protection against corrosion and with heightened oxidation/nitration resistance which helps minimise oil thickening, sludge formation and filter plugging. Offering piston deposit control and helping provide cylinder liner scuff and abrasive wear protection, HDAX 9500 product benefits can help to provide longer engine service life and optimum performance.