The DKV CARD and refund services


Fuel cards are essential to manage costs and efficient administration. One example is the DKV Card, a full-service card which allows you to fuel across Europe using the largest supply network in the industry. But, as customer of DKV you can also add cards from UK Fuels and Keyfuels to your account. Moreover, DKV offers refund services which will help you save time and money.


The DKV CARD is the standard fuel card from DKV Euro Service. This card is not just a fuel card, it’s a full-service card. This means all services and goods including fuel, lubricants, ferry services, tyres and tolls can be paid by using this card. The DKV Card is accepted across Europe at nearly 70,000 acceptance points, by far the highest in the industry, and more than 100,000 customers in 42 countries already benefit of the use of their DKV Cards.

The DKV UK CARD (on UK Fuels) & the DKV Keyfuels Card 

If you want to take advantage of competitive weekly pricing for diesel in the United Kingdom, you can opt to add the DKV UK CARD (on UK Fuels) or the DKV Keyfuels card to your DKV account. There are no card charges, and the fuel settled with these cards will appear itemised on same single monthly invoice from DKV. The DKV UK CARD offers access to 2,000 sites and stable fixed weekly pricing and competitive pump pricing. Keyfuels offers, like the DKV UK CARD, a fixed weekly price for fuel that’s cheaper than standard pump pricing. As an additional service DKV distributes the weekly prices for both Keyfuels and UK Fuels on a via email to their customers using these cards.

Refund Services

Besides the fuel cards, DKV Euro Service also takes the full handling of your VAT refund applications out of your hands, even including VAT on invoices not originating from DKV. DKV offers automated processes and complete handling of the bureaucratic effort by experts versed in the language concerned. Moreover, instant acceptance of DKV invoices by all European tax authorities (exception: specific new EU member nations). With the DKV eREPORTING you will have permanent access to all records, including automatic data filing and extraction.

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