The one-of-a-kind innovative foodtruck created by WHIRLPOOL & PEUGEOT Design Lab


The WHIRLPOOL group is launching the Whirlpool Experience Tour in partnership with PEUGEOT. This one-of-a-kind spectacular promotional concept will be showcasing the new W6 and W7 combi steamers to the B2B sales force. WHIRLPOOL and PEUGEOT have chosen to work together to create a new and exclusive experience, based on their positioning as a high-end generalist brand with powerful and distinctive product designs. Together they have called on the expertise of the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio to create a foodtruck with a design inspired by the world of bistros and gastronomy. This Brand ambassador was developed from the PEUGEOT EXPERT model, converted by the BCC company. Before resuming service in April 2022, the Whirlpool Experience Tour concludes a successful first season in 2021, with 20 cities visited and 72 training sessions given to more than 500 salespeople seduced by the concept.

Whirlpool Experience Tour: premium design and enjoyment

The designers of PEUGEOT Design Lab and WHIRLPOOL have placed the customer experience at the heart of the design of this foodtruck, called the Whirlpool Experience Tour. Its space is optimised, with a new kinematics. The side of the vehicle opens up completely in a beetle wing shape, leaving two large worktops that open out from the exterior, creating an ergonomically ideal kitchen. The chef has a sink and hob at an ideal height, as well as storage space and two steam ovens within easy reach. An integrated shelter protects the unit during demonstrations.
With this innovative and spectacular concept, the chef is for the first time at the same height as the salespeople for a friendlier approach to the demonstrations. They will be able to follow his preparations without missing a beat, or in this case, a crumb. At the back of the foodtruck there is a multimedia system with a sound bar and a large screen inspired by the “Le Bistrot du Lion” concept broadcasting tutorials and explaining the characteristics of the ovens.
The Whirlpool Experience Tour is a true ambassador for the brand, with its meticulous design, and remains true to the “bistronomic” spirit of applying the demands of great chefs to simple, accessible dishes in a more relaxed setting. The foodtruck’s worktop and fronts are made of a white Italian ceramic with an antibacterial, odourless and easy to clean surface. Brass inserts emphasise the worktop. The Titanium grey body of the foodtruck, with its tone-on-tone patterns, harks back to the world of steam and echoes the aesthetics of the top-of-the-range WHIRLPOOL ovens.

Whirlpool Experience Tour: a new communication tool

The Whirlpool Experience Tour is an integral part of the brand’s 360° campaign for built-in cooking appliances and has been rolled out in France from spring 2021. This premium and differentiating communication tool is intended for BtoB use and over the long term, it travels throughout France to the salespeople in its retail network, kitchen specialists, wholesalers and will participate in international trade shows. A chef demonstrates the qualities and advantages of the brand new WHIRLPOOL steam combi ovens.
Thanks to the SteamSense technology of the WHIRLPOOL W6 and W7 combi steamers, which use pulsed heat and steam injection, food is crispy, golden brown on the outside and soft on the inside. The food cooks quickly and evenly. A practical drawer allows you to fill the oven with water.
The Whirlpool Experience Tour was based on a PEUGEOT EXPERT Long, converted by BCC (Hauts de France). Compact (5.30 m) considering its kinematics, manoeuvrable and only 1.90 m high, it is easy to park in most car parks. An additional trailer, with the same body colour as the foodtruck, contains a refrigerator and accessories. A solar panel powers the refrigerator while a generator keeps all the appliances running.

PEUGEOT and WHIRLPOOL: shared DNA, a win-win partnership

It is not by chance that the WHIRLPOOL group, drawn in by the Foodtruck concept, “Le Bistrot du Lion”, called upon the expertise of the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio to develop their tailor-made concept. Following on from the Gillardeau foodtruck, PEUGEOT Design Lab is once again showcasing its innovative and relevant expertise for its non-automotive clients.
For WHIRLPOOL and PEUGEOT, design, emotion and technology are at the heart of product design. The W Collection’s WHIRLPOOL ovens offer a modern, pure, minimalist aesthetic and well thought-out ergonomics. Brushed stainless steel is combined with screens and touch surfaces. The design of the latest PEUGEOTs combines sensual curves, sharp edges and a three-pronged light signature, while the i-Cockpit® highlights the driving experience.
PEUGEOT and WHIRLPOOL, both generalist and top-of-the-range, have a similar brand positioning. Their mantra is performance and efficiency, but also social and environmental responsibility. This partnership is also in line with Whirlpool’s new signature “The sense of what is really essential” and aims to promote the well-being of oneself and the planet.
The W Collection ovens promise fat-free combined steam cooking, which means the food retains their vitamins. PEUGEOT’s electrified, 100% electric (e-208, e-2008, e-PARTNER, e-EXPERT and e-BOXER) or Plug-In hybrid models (308 hatch and SW, 3008, 508 sedan and SW) combine driving pleasure with compliance with CO2 emission standards.

Before resuming service in April 2022, the Whirlpool Experience Tour concludes a successful first season in 2021! Last summer, It had been touring France, with 20 cities visited and 72 one-hour training sessions, given to more than 500 salespeople seduced by this unique, inventive and experiential training concept.
In a second phase, the brand plans to order other examples for demonstrations in its European networks: Italy, Poland and the UK.