The Pallet Network (TPN) – Well prepared for Brexit issues


The Pallet Network (TPN) has just completed the roll out of its comprehensive software platform Connect to all of its 24 haulier grouping in its sister network TPN Ireland. This means customers shipping pallets from the UK to Ireland, or vice versa, have complete visibility of their pallets all the way.

“Integrating all of our Partner companies in Ireland into our single platform has been an 18-month project, and brings huge benefits for all our customers and for those hauliers,” said TPN MD Mark Duggan.

Commenting on the initiative Eamon Sullivan, Group Chief Executive of TPN Ireland, added: “This gives our Partners access to the same routing, and countless commercial and operational tools within Connect, but it also gives our customers access electronic proof of delivery, and complete track and trace whether their pallet is in the UK or Ireland.”

THE Pallet Network (TPN) is offering a proactively managed, end-to-end export solution to Ireland and mainland Europe for UK freight customers. Extensive IT investment ensures customers have all consignment and clearance details in a single platform. With no admin charges and complete customer support, TPN service is as extensive and resilient as ever. 

Key points:
  • Full daily services to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe
  • Full Customs support with dedicated team
  • Customs-integrated IT system, with necessary scale, data transparency and ease of use
  • Hassle-free, fully supported service for customers
  • Northern Ireland clearances handled at no extra cost
  • Broker support available 24-7

Commercial Manager Ian Large added: “All kinds of businesses count on The Pallet Network to revolutionise how they meet the needs of their customers. With our technology-driven, end to end export solution, we’re helping businesses big and small with shipping to Ireland and mainland Europe.”

Pre-Brexit customer surveys showed customers wanted a friction-free solution.  TPN therefore ensured that its significant IT investment concentrated on simplifying the processes involved to make customers’ and Partners’ lives easier.

Ian emphasised that the company ensured that its systems would be sufficiently integrated and resilient to make export declarations easy for all its customers and network partners. TPN has a dedicated service which runs to the Republic of Ireland and trailers have been successfully despatched nightly since early January. “To all intents and purposes, it’s ‘new normal’ business as usual,” he said.

The majority of businesses haven’t had to consider freight forwarding at this level in decades – usually not within the memory of current staff – so TPN created a specific support team to help customers find solutions and to guide them through the customs maze.

“We don’t believe that people should have to pay extra to move their goods over an internal border,” added Ian. “If customers want help, we’ll help them. That’s what good service looks like.”

He said that the network’s approach to Brexit was the same as for every other issue, whether lockdown, or operational excellence. “We problem solve, we adapt, and we drive for excellence. “Whatever the procedural challenges of Brexit – and there have been many – we’ve had a long time to invest and prepare and we’ve used that time to innovate and create the solution that our customers need.”

“The TPN Connect integration has allowed us to bring acuity, transparency and intelligence to what would otherwise have been unfamiliar systems for network customers.”

Services to mainland Europe are also running without issue. TPN XPort, the network’s enhanced international services sends regular freight services to 27 countries.

“Our network Partners are doing a smashing job. They are very experienced at international freight movements within mainland Europe and elsewhere and so we can offer as seamless a service as possible. If customers need more or specific support, we have a 24-hour broker support service, so wherever the pallet is destined for, customers need only ask and we’ll find the solution they need.”

“There has been much talk in the past 12 months of ‘the new normal’. The truth is that for us at TPN, excellence is our normal.  What we say is what we do. We look ahead, we adapt, we innovate rather than imitate, and we ensure that whatever the circumstances, we deliver a genuinely excellent, resilient service. Changing circumstances don’t change our ability, our determination or our job – which is to be THE Pallet Network,” he concluded.