Thermo King & Frigoblock – ‘THERMOPIA’ – The City of the Future at the IAA

Thermo King

*New electric, hybrid and other low-emission diesel alternatives to highlight the transport refrigeration portfolio of the future

Refrigeration Transport specialists Thermo King  and sister company  Frigoblock will welcome visitors to their stand at the IAA CV Show at the Hannover Messe, Germany, (20-27 September) to demonstrate the latest solutions from both brands to ensure that transport companies to be ahead of the regulations and achieve their operating and sustainability goals.

“Environmental sustainability is a top objective of legislators determined to control exhaust emissions and limit noise in densely populated areas. With hundreds of cities in Europe restraining access to vehicles, our customers want to improve the sustainability of their operations and in the same time make zero-emission transportation a viable business operation.” said Pauli Johannesen, Vice-President & General Manager for Truck, Trailer & Bus at Thermo King, in Europe, Middle East & Africa. “At this year’s IAA, we are showing our vision of the city of the future – Thermotopia. Future of transport and goods delivery in a city without smog, congestion or extensive noise. Future, where our customers save money by running their operations more efficiently, consuming less fuel and reduce exhaust emissions, CO2 emissions, and noise.”

Thermo King and Frigoblock will unveil new and showcase existing products, which make the most comprehensive product portfolio on the market to suit all diesel and non-diesel transport refrigeration applications – from truck, trailer to home delivery vans. This showcase will include:

  • The first Thermo King all-electric battery driven B-100 ECO refrigeration unit designed for small electric vehicles.
  • New, intelligent E-200 all-electric units for vans and trucks below 3,5 tons with performance independent from the vehicle and plug-and-play installation.
  • Enhancements in the small truck applications including the new T-560R units with increased capacity & lower fuel consumption.
  • New Prisma S-4.2 Remote Evaporator for T-Series and SLXi multi-temperature truck and trailer refrigeration units to maximize the volume available for the payload and facilitate access during loading/unloading operations. The new compact monobloc evaporator can replace two evaporators without compromise on refrigeration performance.
  • Upgraded SLXi trailer refrigeration units with GreenTech engine now certified according to the upcoming Non-Road Mobile Machinery Stage V (NRMM) regulation. The range includes the SLXi Hybrid system, which uses a Frigoblock alternator installed on the tractor engine and an inverter-drive system to provide constant electric power and operate in electric mode. The standard connectivity and geo-location feature automatically switches the power between diesel and electric mode as required or necessary, allowing the unit to operate in inner city low emission zones.
  • Connectivity and data driven aftermarket solutions improving customer uptime, operational efficiency and contributing to the pro-active and predictive maintenance strategies.
  • New solar panel solutions designed to provide a sustainable power management for reefer units as well as support the truck’s battery itself.