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‘Time’ to celebrate the Scania V8!


*Three new lines of specially-designed watches go on sale

Scania has launched a special range of watches to mark the 50th anniversary of the V8 engine. The three different watches have been developed by Scania R&D designers, and those who wear them can expect to have a roaring time as the watches are inspired by details from the V8 truck.

The watches were designed from scratch, making it possible for the design team to style them after features of the real trucks.

Designer drawing the scania v8 watch“We could decide completely what details and design elements from the V8 trucks we wanted to highlight to get the proper V8 look and feel,” says Jesper Höglin, Product Manager at Branding Products.

The new models have taken over a year to design and develop. During the conceptual phase, Antonio Cantos, Senior Graphic Designer and Fredrik Rudenstam, Team Leader Visual & Graphic Design at Scania’s R&D department sketched out and built models, applied details and produced a whole new design language.

Antonio Canton drawing the Scania V8 watch

Antonio Cantos

“When we developed the V8 merchandise products, we wanted to emphasise the heritage and what the V8 represents today: power and precision. The V8 is a source of great pride to Scania and to those who drive it,” says Rudenstam.

He adds, “We have a refined exterior and powerful interior. Precision outside, power inside. Features that normally don’t fit together, but in the V8 they do. You get the power you need for a certain moment, combined with precision.”

The watch cases are designed with elements and angles taken from the V8 truck and its engine.

Antonio Cantos and Fredrik Rudenstam

Antonio Cantos and Fredrik Rudenstam

V8 Limited Edition

Backside of the V8 watchThe first model is the ‘V8 Limited Edition’, a chronographic (display and stopwatch) high-end watch. It comes in a limited edition of 500, each one numbered on the back. Its black leather band and red stitching evokes the look and feel of the V8 steering wheel.

The model also has a timing feature and buttons on the side that are inspired by the V8 piston head, as well as a pattern with holes that is a nod to the V8 steering wheel. And the hands of the clock are the same as the speedometer needles. The Scania logo and V8 symbol adorn the watch face, while the Scania griffin is embossed on the rear.

V8 Black Edition

The second model ‘V8 Black Edition’ is sportier. It has the characteristic red colour from the V8 truck’s styling kit included on the strap, which is also inspired by the timing belt in the engine. The rough surface of the bezel (the grooved ring that holds the cover of the watch face in position) is meant to emphasise the tough heart of the truck. The watch face is adorned with the Scania logo and V8 symbol, while the case back is embossed with the Scania griffin.

V8 Metal Edition

On the third watch, ‘V8 Metal Edition’, small Vs have been added around the clock face, emulating the shape of the V8’s logo. It has a sleek and sturdy profile and a subtle brushed metal finish. The watch movement is solar powered and can run for more than four months on just one charge.


  • The three new watches are available now.
  • They are on sale at Scania dealers around the world and are also available via Scania’s web shop. https://www.scania.com/global/en/home/experience-scania/merchandise.html
  • Only 500 of the chronograph model ‘V8 Limited Edition’ have been made, with each watch numbered on the back.
  • Each model is solar-powered by a hidden panel beneath the dial that converts light into electrical energy. The watches can operate for more than two months on a full charge.
  • They are water resistant to 100 metres.
  • The watches have luminous hands and markers.