TORSUS unveils the next generation of their flagship bus, PRAETORIAN

    TORSUS, manufacturer of the world’s toughest, most-capable heavy-duty off-road buses, has unveiled the next generation of their flagship bus, PRAETORIAN. 

    A raft of more than 50 all-new technical updates and options for 2024 amp up the PRAETORIAN’s class-leading ability to travel where others dare not tread, to take on the toughest jobs and safely transport up to 35 occupants comfortably across any terrain, in any conditions, anywhere in the world.

    The TORSUS PRAETORIAN takes its name, and its indomitable character, from the legendary Praetorian Guard. An elite regiment of the Imperial Roman Army formed in 509 BC; the Praetorian Guard was essentially the world’s first special forces unit. Members were highly skilled veterans, hand-picked from the best army in the world for their superior fitness, unmatched combat prowess and ability to keep a cool head in the heat of battle. Wherever the toughest and most important tasks were set ­­– protecting the emperor, gathering intelligence, operating far behind enemy lines – only a Praetorian would suffice.

    TORSUS designed and developed the PRAETORIAN 4×4 off-road bus to match to the ethos of Rome’s most famed and most feared regiment. Whatever the weather, whatever the terrain ­– mountain, desert, forest ­– and whatever the application ­– mining, rescue, defence ­– the TORSUS PRAETORIAN is engineered to operate at the tip of the spear, and to get the mission done, no matter how impossible. And now, in third generation guise, the PRAETORIAN lifts the bar even higher, once again setting standards that no would-be competitor can ever hope to match.

    From the fully upgraded suspension, strengthened chassis, all-round disc brakes, redesigned cabin, uprated heating, air-con and ventilation (HVAC), improved maintenance accessibility, greater range of seating configurations and more, no detail has been overlooked, and no solution spared.

    In addition, the unrelenting determination of TORSUS to utilise the best materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, contributes to the ability of the 8.7-metre, polymer-bodied PRAETORIAN TG3 to transport occupants in even greater comfort and refinement than its predecessor. The enhancements to the PRAETORIAN’s suspension and chassis also provide greater agility, enabling drivers to better unlock the maximum potential of the bus’s 1,150Nm six-cylinder MAN diesel engine, 12-speed transmission and heavy-duty 4×4 off-road drivetrain.