Town & Country Covers – the seat cover company of choice!

In the 19 years since the founding of Town & Country Covers, the Portsmouth based company has grown to dominate the automotive, agricultural and consumer markets, becoming the must-have in terms of seat covers. 

By using their enviable relationships and contacts with the top vehicle manufacturers, Town & Country Covers are able to ensure its seat covers are the perfect fit. Either through its tailored range, or superbly adaptable universal range, the vast majority of vehicle models and machines can have a Town & Country Covers seat cover fitted within minutes.

While the company began due to a love of sports and not wanting to get back into the car wet and/or muddy, it has continued to evolve to what it is today; a company that designs every seat cover in house, has an ever expanding 6,200 sq.ft warehouse to ensure fantastic delivery times and a 20-strong truly dedicated team.

As would be expected from a company with such pedigree, Town & Country Covers prides itself on sourcing high quality materials for all its products. Its signature polyester blend is the perfect balance of style, comfort, and toughness, which is guaranteed to add years to the life of any seat.

The company hasn’t stopped at just seat covers, as over the years, it has also launched lines of rubber mats and accessories. All designed to keep interiors covered from the ground up. Products include steering wheel covers, boot liners, seat organisers, and more!

James Newman, Director, Town & Country Covers, said: “We’re thrilled with how the company has progressed in the last 19 years, but the last few as a business, has been incredible. We keep growing in a variety of sectors, because if you have a vehicle, it is usually a good idea to fit a seat covers. They will help keep it clean and tidy and when it comes to selling the vehicle, the seats are one of the main things that can make or ruin the aesthetics of the vehicle.

“Particularly now, we’ve found that people are really investing in maintaining their vehicles, whether it’s a tradesperson who’s dirty from a job, or a surfer who’s still drying off from being in the water, or a farmer who spends a lot of time in the cab of their machine. Seat covers, boot liners and seat organisers really help with the cleanliness of the interior and overall comfort of a seat. So that’s why they want to fit the premium quality products we provide.”