Toyota expands zero-emission choice with new PROACE Electric


Toyota Europe is launching its first zero emission, battery electric vehicles in Europe, the Proace Electric and Proace Verso Electric, adding a powerful new dimension to its Toyota Professional range of light commercial vehicles.

The new models – a range of medium-duty vans and people carriers seating up to nine – achieve best-in-class EV performance with no compromise in the market-leading load-carrying capabilities of their conventionally powered counterparts.

Introducing the new models in selected European markets from early 2021, Toyota signals its commitment to applying different electrification technologies to meet different mobility requirements. With a class-leading driving range of up to 330 km*, the Proace Van Electric and Proace Verso Electric give customers access to Europe’s low and zero emission zones and beyond. For business customers, avoiding the need for daily recharging ensures their vehicles have minimum downtime.

Toyota is taking an early and market-leading initiative with the introduction of Proace Electric and Proace Verso Electric. The new models not only provide best-in-class power, performance and charging requirements within their BEV segments, they go further by delivering just the same quality and load or people-carrying practicality as their diesel-powered equivalents.

Key customer concerns have been addressed in developing the new model ranges, including driving range (up to 330 km*), charging times (fast charging in less than one hour), cost of ownership and battery quality (eight-year/160,000 km warranty as standard). This makes them a smart choice for customers who need to access low/zero emission zones, giving them the opportunity to develop new, cost-efficient business models that deliver environmental performance while maintaining service levels.

Proace Electric and Proace Verso Electric can be specified with either of two lithium-ion battery packs, to suit different customer driving requirements. These power a front-mounted electric motor which drives the front wheels, giving smooth, quiet performance with zero emissions.

The smaller of the two is an 18-module 50 kWh battery which weighs 383 kg and gives a best-in-class driving range of up to 230 km*. This will be ideal for customers making regular short urban journeys or organisations working across a large campus or industrial park.

The larger, 27-module unit delivers 75 kWh and weighs 534 kg. It gives the electric Proace models the ability to cover up to 330 km* on a full charge , giving owners peace of mind when they have to make longer trips, or have a busy schedule between recharging opportunities.

The choice is available for all four body types: Verso people carriers, panel van, Crew Cab and platform cab. In the Proace range, both batteries can be specified for medium and long vehicle lengths, while the compact model uses the 50 kWh battery exclusively.

Toyota researched the needs of its target customers and found the majority typically covered only around 45 km in a working day. The generous driving range provided by both battery options means that for most owners, the new Toyota models will not require daily recharging, reducing the vehicles’ down time.

The driving range can be affected by a number of external factors, including the weather and temperature, the road type and quality, the driver’s driving style and the payload being carried.

Proace Electric and Proace Verso Electric have three driving modes, Eco, Normal and Power, selected using a centre console-mounted switch.

When driving in “Power” mode, maximum power output from both batteries is 136 DIN hp/100 kW with peak torque of 260 Nm delivered from start-up. Top speed is electronically limited to 130 km/h and 0-100 km/h acceleration can be accomplished in 13.1 seconds. In Eco mode output is reduced to 82 DIN hp/60 kW with 190 Nm of torque, while in Normal mode the electric system produces 109 DIN hp/80 kW with 210 Nm.

Speed and ease of charging are important considerations for customers who need to minimise the amount of time their vehicle is off the road. Toyota has provided multiple charging options for the Proace Electric and Proace Verso Electric, to suit different customer needs.

All models come with a 7.4 kW single-phase onboard charger and a 6 m Type 2 cable for connection to a home charging socket, plus the option of a 7 m Type 2 cable for connection to a 32 A wallbox system. As an option, a faster 11 kW tri-phased onboard charger can be specified. The connection socket in the front left wing is compatible with public/third party fast-charging charge points.

Recharging time will vary according to power supply criteria in different markets, but a fast charging 100 kW DC system will deliver an 80% charge in around 32 minutes for the 50 kW battery and 48 minutes for the 75 kW battery.

Further customer peace of mind about the quality and durability of the battery is provided by an eight-year/160,000 km manufacturer’s warranty. In some markets, there is the option to extend this warranty further, linked to an annual battery health check as part of the scheduled servicing programme.