Transpotec Logitec: An opportunity to develop business and showcase innovation – 8 /11 May – Fiera Milano


*At the leading Italian event for the road haulage and logistics sector, the industry’s key players will be engaged in training, defining strategies to tackle future challenges together and bringing the findings and opportunities to the attention of the institutions.

Against the backdrop of the drastic transformations affecting the road transport and logistics sector and the challenges associated with them, Transpotec Logitec, scheduled from 8 to 11 May in Italy, at Fiera Milano, will not only be an opportunity to develop business and showcase innovation, but also to update skills, network and build a constructive dialogue with the institutions.

The key themes of the event – the energy transition, the market and professions, the impact on urban mobility, innovation and security – will be addressed through a packed programme of meetings and events:conferences, seminars and workshops will provide an all-round overview of the sector’s critical issues and opportunities, offering proposals, ideas and tools to ensure competitiveness in a market that is strategic for the entire Italian economy.

The event will partly share these themes with the NME-Next Mobility Exhibition, dedicated to means of transport, solutions, policies and technologies for a sustainable collective mobility system, which will take place at the same time, but will close one day earlier, on 10 May. For this reason, to underline the common commitment to facing the challenges of the near future, the Opening Event of the two exhibitions, on the morning of 8 May, will be a joint affair and will propose a reflection on the state of the art and the evolution of transport, taking stock of both the haulage sector and transport for people. Two dedicated round tables will discuss in depth the specific topics of each of the two industries. The first topic will be Public transport: adriver and a challenge for growth, which, thanks to the participation of the three main Italian public transport associations – Agens, Anav and Asstra – will discuss the prospects of a sector that transports 5.5 billion passengers every year and generates more than 12 billion euro; a sector which is now being called upon to change, to come to terms with the challenging targets imposed by the European regulations and the NRRP, and the concrete difficulties linked to rising costs and a shortage of drivers.

The second roundtable, Road haulage from past to future, thanks to the intervention of the Central Committee of the Italian Register of Road Hauliers and the associations Unatras and Anita, will instead analyse the latest road haulage figures and the main critical issues that companies are facing and must overcome in order to grow the sector in Italy. But it will also be an opportunity to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the National Register of Road Hauliers, a body based within the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and to remember the role this structure has played in the growth of the sector. Finally, at the end of the event, for the closing remarks it will be over to the institutions, whose support is strategic for the growth of the two sectors.

As the deadlines of the European roadmap for the decarbonisation of the road transport and logistics sector approach, the focus is on which ways will be most effective for achieving the targets. And Transpotec Logitec is sure to offer plenty of food for thought.