UK Government must work with industry to tackle ‘critical’ truck parking picture – RHA


The UK’s Road Haulage Association (RHA) in the has urged Government Ministers to work with road transport industry on increasing the number of truck parking spaces to improve security for drivers.

Their call comes as a new government report reveals that truck parking availability is at a ‘critical’ level.

The UK’s Department for Transport’s (DfT) National survey of lorry parking (2022): part 2, reports that overnight usage hit 87 percent nationally last year – officials consider 85 percent demand to be ‘critical’.

The picture is particularly acute in East of England where demand is at 99 percent. The South East and North West are running at 89 percent and 88 percent, respectively.

The RHA has restated its call on ministers to convene a national facilities task force, formed of Government officials – both national and local – trade associations and industry representatives.

Commenting on the ongoing issue, Richard Smith, RHA Managing Director, said: “A taskforce can follow up on the good work of the National survey of lorry parking by identifying target areas based on current and future needs, scoping potential sites for new facilities, and then inviting the free market to make the best business case to planning authorities.”

The RHA continues to campaign for planning red tape to be cut to clear the way for more facilities to be built. DfT pledged to reform the National Planning Policy Framework through its Future of Freight Plan published last year.

“We’ve long pushed for more, better and safer roadside facilities. Drivers deserve them and developers want to build them, so now’s the time to bring the right people together to make it happen.”