UK RHA welcomes latest COVID-19 testing rules for Commercial Vehicles drivers


The Road Haulage Association (RHA) welcomes confirmation of the news that from 6 April, COVID-19 testing will apply to all commercial vehicle drivers entering GB from continental EU (not Ireland) if they stay in GB for more than 48 hours – the first test to be taken within 48 hours of arrival.

Commenting, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “The UK vaccination scheme is most definitely working but we cannot let our safety regimes and procedures slip. This latest legislation will apply to ALL commercial drivers, whether they are returning from, or originating from the EU.  It’s a completely fair system and will keep the GB and the EU member states protected as we all embark upon the road to recovery.

We have an extremely good working relationship with Mr Shapps and his team and we are always available to quickly provide the industry knowledge and expertise needed to restore the supply chain to its former glory.


  • Tests will be available free at over 40 Government Haulier Advice sites – detail of the sites and hours of operation is available here.
  • Fines for failing to comply with testing rules are expected to be £2,000.
  • In addition to the rules on testing, commercial vehicle drivers entering the UK will have to follow Government rules on social distancing.
  • All drivers arriving in GB from Continental Europe will be required to correctly complete passenger locator forms to facilitate contact while in the UK.

Expected rules on testing for truck drivers bringing goods into GB

  • Commercial vehicle drivers entering GB then leaving in under 48 hours – no test required.
  • Broadly, drivers staying beyond 48 hours will need a test within the 48 hours of arrival.  If still in GB, a second test within 5 days of arrival is required, if in GB beyond day 5 a third test withing 8 days of arrival is required. The maximum time between tests 1 & 2 and test 2 & 3 is 72 hours.
  • These rules apply to UK and non-UK nationals and regardless of who is worked for.

Other rules, what to do while in GB

  • All drivers will need to follow locally applicable COVID restrictions and advice.
  • The current UK Government guidance is available here.

Key points are

  • Drivers arriving from the EU making deliveries should only leave the cab for essential purposes, this can include eating and using washing facilities.
  • Drivers will need to wear face coverings indoors, unless exempt.
  • Drivers will need to use hand sanitiser each time entering or exiting the cab.
  • Further updates next week.