UKIFDA EXPO 2021 Virtual Exhibition & New Future Fuels Conference: Key Speakers & Topics Announced


The key speakers and industry topics have been revealed by trade association the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) for the two-day Future Fuels conference during UKIFDA EXPO 2021 on 7-8 July which will include a Ministerial Address by Lord Callanan, Minister for Climate Change & Corporate Responsibility.

“We are very pleased with the plans for this year’s EXPO and what will be our first ever virtual event and Future Fuels conference – and delighted to reveal the line-up of speakers and talks for the two days,” says Ken Cronin, UKIFDA Chief Executive.

“At its core, this year’s exhibition is focused on Future Fuels – the incredible investment our industry is making in renewable liquid fuels and the central issues associated with it, including the role of next generation renewable fuels in helping both the UK and Irish Governments achieve Net Zero targets and the transition to renewable liquid fuels.”

Across the two days of the conference there will be a number of breaks to allow delegates to visit exhibitors’ booths and also for exhibitors to make announcements or invite people to specific presentations.

The programmes for the two days are sponsored by Aon and Cobo Tankers and Services Ltd, who will each sponsor a day together with EXPO headline sponsor Phillips 66 Ltd.

Ken Cronin will launch UKIFDA EXPO 2021 with an overview of how the two days will run, to make it as easy as possible for exhibitors, visitors, Members, and delegates, to make the most of what’s on offer virtually this year.

UKIFDA Membership and Events Manager Dawn Shakespeare comments: “We will kick off day one with sponsors Aon who are providing our keynote speech to get everyone geared up for a great two days of knowledge sharing, networking, and business deals.

“James Spencer, Managing Director of Portland, will then present an analysis of market trends that includes key trends of the past 2 years and highlights for the future, followed by an EU-focussed roundtable discussion on key events in the EU that will impact our industry over the next decade. Participating in these discussions are Kevin McPartlin of Fuels for Ireland, Nick Hayes of UKIFDA, and Thierry Javit of the European Confederation of Fuel Distributors.

“There will also be a policy roundtable with the Department for Transport, BEIS and the treasury on the key themes of the current policy landscape covering heat, transport and taxation.

“In the afternoon of day one a discussion on fuel poverty will take place, focusing on the goals for fuel poverty and how our industry help. This will feature representatives from the UK Government’s Committee on Fuel Poverty, National Energy Action, The Home Group, and the National Housing Federation.

“Towards the end of the day, representatives of the trade associations and countries will be setting the scene for future fuels, what needs to be done and the new norm. Taking part will be Ken Cronin of UKIFDA, Paul Rose of OFTEC and David Blevings of NIOILS.

“The day will end with awards being handed out by UKIFDA President Janet Kettlewell, for Depot of the Year, Driver of the Year, Green Award, and an award for innovation.”

The format for UKIFDA EXPO 2021 is similar to the programme for previous EXPOs that have taken place during the past 40 years – only this time everything has been designed with the virtual experience in mind.

“Day two will be opened with an address by Lord Callanan, Minister for Climate Change & Corporate Responsibility, who has ministerial oversight of our sector, followed by Simon Holt of headline sponsors Phillips 66 Ltd and a presentation from Fernando Gomis and Joby Clark of day two sponsors Cobo Tankers and Services Ltd,” adds Dawn Shakespeare.

“A discussion on the key trends in the production of biofuels and next generation renewable fuels will be a highlight of the second day, with analytical contributions from representatives of Argus Media, Climate Change Committee and key suppliers Neste, Greenergy, Prax/Harvest, Phillips 66 Ltd and Argent Energy.

“Day two will also feature an important and insightful roundtable Q&A on the how the industry trials of HVO renewable liquid fuel are progressing in UK homes.

UKIFDA CEO Ken Cronin adds “It’s a busy couple of days, to say the least – and we genuinely cannot wait to engage with exhibitors, Members, visitors, and delegates during the exhibition and conference.”

“We have all worked extremely hard on the planning of this year’s virtual event and have put together a fantastic line-up of key speakers together with relevant, thought-provoking topics in a range of formats that include presentations, discussions, Q&As and informal exchanges.

“The programmes for the two days will no doubt be fine-tuned between now and 7/8 July but we wanted to share our plans to-date and to encourage as many companies and individuals as possible to join us online and make our first virtual UKIFDA EXPO a huge success. As time gets closer to the event we will be using the conference app more and more to communicate information.

How to sign up to the conference 

To register as a delegate please follow this link:

How to become an Exhibitor

Being a virtual conference we are able to take bookings to be an exhibitor much closer to the day so it is not too late!. For further information please contact Dawn Shakespeare via email

Day 1

Sponsor Aon Plc

Chair: Ken Cronin, UKIFDA

Session Event Description Company Speaker Job Title
1 Introduction Introductory UKIFDA Ken Cronin CEO
2 Keynote Speech   Aon Plc John Jenkins


Barrie Watson

Senior Account Executive



Head of National Credit Solutions

3 Current Market Analysis Rundown of the key themes and statistics of the past 2 years and key trends for the future.


Portland Analytics James Spencer Managing Director
4 EU Roundtable Round table to discuss the key policies going on at EU level that will impact the industry over the next decade Fuels for Ireland


Kevin McPartlin CEO
UKIFDA Nick Hayes Irish Representative
European Confederation of Fuel Distributors Thierry Javit


Vice President
5 Policy Roundtable Key themes of the current policy landscape including heat, transport and taxation Department For Transport (DFT) Rachel Solomon Williams Head of Carbon Policy
HM Treasury Benjamin Kobryner


Senior Policy Adviser, Energy and Transport Tax Team
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)


6 Fuel Poverty Roundtable Discussion around what the goals are for fuel poverty moving forward and how can our industry assist.






National Energy Action (NEA)


Adam Scorer


Chief Executive
Committee on Fuel Poverty David Blakemore


National Housing Federation


Kevin Garvey External Affairs Manager
Home Group Nusheen Hussain Exec. Director Business Development
7 Roundtable Ahead of Day 2 representatives of the trade associations and countries setting the scene for future fuels tell it how it is, what needs to be done and the new norm. UKIFDA


Ken Cronin CEO


Paul Rose CEO


David Blevings Ireland Manager
  Driver of the Year Sponsor: OAMPS  
Depot of the Year Sponsor: Penn Underwriting  
Green Award Sponsor: Oil Shield  
Innovator Award Sponsor: Fuel Oil News  





Day 2

Sponsor Cobo Tankers and Services Ltd

Chair: Brian Worral, DCC Plc


Session Event Description Company Speaker Job Title
1 Introduction Introductory UKIFDA Ken Cronin CEO
2 Ministerial Address Lord Callanan, Minister for Climate Change & Corporate Responsibility
3 Keynote Speech   Phillips 66 Ltd Simon Holt Value Chain Strategy and Optimisation Manager for Europe
4 Keynote Speech   Cobo Tankers and Services Ltd Fernando Gomis

Joby Clark

UK Managing Director

Sales Engineer

5 Roundtable: Off -Grid homes


So what is the future for off-grid homes and what are their heating options Gemserv Robert Honeyman Head of Analysis Low Carbon Business Unit
Climate Change Committee Jenny Hill ‎Head of Buildings and International Action
6 Biofuel Market Presentation Waste feedstocks price trends in Europe, as well as a supply/demand outlook with an emphasis on competition for feedstocks from different fuels markets Argus Media Daniel McKay Biofuels Market Reporter
7 Roundtable: UKIFDA & OFTEC Liquid Renewable Trial An explanation of how the industry put HVO into the first home in the UK Mitchell & Webber


John Weedon

Robert Weedon



Crown Oil Simon Lawford Technical Sales Manager
NWF Adrian Hancox Regional Manager
8 Roundtable: View from Suppliers What are your plans for the future?






Neste Peter Zonneveld VP Sales Renewable Road Transport Europe & APAC
Greenergy Chris Brookhouse Head of Development Fuels
PRAX/Harvest John Regan Sales Director
Phillips 66 Ltd Simon Holt Value Chain Strategy and Optimisation Manager for Europe
Argent Energy Colin Duke Head of Sales
9 Roundtable: Communicating with our customers The launch of Future Ready Fuels OFTEC


Malcolm Farrow Public Affairs Director
Genesis PR


Rachel Cass Senior Account Manager
FM Marketing PR Stephanie Freeman Director


Ken Cronin CEO