Updates on HGV Driver travel exemptions & charges plus info on Fréjus Tunnel – IRHA


Clarification on HGV driver exemption from restricted movements plus details on completing the passenger locator form on arriving in Ireland together with info on the Derogation on Euro 3 and 4 ban in Fréjus Tunnel, which ends Sunday, 30 September. 

Last May, the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) confirmed with the Department of Transport that HGV drivers were exempt from completing the Passenger Locator form and the 14 day quarantining or restricted movement on entering Ireland, once they were entering Ireland to take up/resume their duties as a HGV driver.

There have been reports recently that some drivers, returning to Ireland after spending a break in their home country, have been told that they are not exempt.

The IRHA sought clarification on this issue with the Department and it can confirm that there has been no change on this since May. The exemption remains in place. The Department has also confirmed that it has been in touch with the Department of Justice and the relevant Authorities at Ireland sea ports and airports to remind them of this exemption.

The Department stress the need to ensure that drivers carry with them the Annex 3 Certificate at all times when traveling.

Derogation on Euro 3 & 4 ban in Fréjus Tunnel ends 30 September

As reported in June, SFTRF and SITAF introduced a ban on Euro 3 and Euro 4 goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes for access to the Fréjus Road Tunnel, (the border link between France and Italy). However, in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is now a derogation of this rule.

From 1 July until 30 September 2020, Euro 3 and Euro 4 goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes can still drive through the Fréjus Road Tunnel provided that the vehicle owners have already ordered replacement greener vehicles (Euro 5 or Euro 6). A declaration has to be filled out (in Italian, French or English).

This derogation will end Sunday, 30 September.