Van drivers are prioritising time with the family in 2021: VW CV Survey

  • Making time for family topped the list of work goals for the new year in Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles study
  • Nearly three-quarters of van drivers admit to making New Year’s Resolutions
  • Increasing customer base, saving for a new house, and getting a new job also ranked highly for 2021 goals

Van drivers are prioritising time with the family in 2021 after a tough business year, according to a study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

After a difficult 2020 which has left two-thirds of van drivers worried about their business over the next six months, van drivers have decided 2021 is the year to make more time for their family. Figures previously revealed van drivers were more likely to work late or over weekends than in other professions, with millions often missing weddings, birthdays or parents evenings because of unsociable hours.

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles research revealed that family time came out on top ahead of increasing the customer base, saving up for a new house, getting a new job, and launching a new product or service.

Top 2021 New Year’s Resolution Business Goals

  1. Make more time for my family (38%)
  2. Increase my customer base (27%)
  3. Save up for a new house (24%)
  4. Get a new job (23%)
  5. Launch a new product or service (20%)

Claire English, Head of Fleet at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK, said: “We know that 2020 was a really tough year and it forced many businesses to make difficult decisions. After an unusual Christmas, it’s heartwarming to see that despite business concerns van drivers are prioritising their loved ones this year. We hope that as we enter a new year, there is light at the end of the tunnel and our customers can once again start to thrive. Either way, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is committed to help you achieve all of your business goals in 2021.”