Van Drivers’ biggest annoyances revealed by VWCV


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is urging motorists to treat van drivers – who have been hard at work during lockdown – considerately. Research reveals van drivers’ biggest annoyances, from not being left enough space to small parking spaces.

In a study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles of 1,000 van drivers, nearly a third (31%) ranked not being left enough space on tight roads as their biggest annoyance when driving to work.

Fellow drivers leaving tight parking spaces or narrow bays in car parks ranked second alongside not being let out into traffic. Over a quarter of van drivers listed being cut up at roundabouts or cyclists coming up alongside their vans at a junction (26%) as the greatest faux pas.

A further 23% of van drivers ranked motorists sitting in their blind spots as the most annoying road habit. To help customers with this issue, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offer Lane Change Assist – Side Scan as an option. The technology works by displaying a warning signal on the exterior mirror as soon as one of its sensors detects a vehicle in a blind spot during a lane change.

Many motorists will be taking to the roads for the first time in months following the easing of the COVID-19 lockdown, and cycle-to-work schemes have seen a boom in sales by up to as much as 200% in some areas.  Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is urging all road users to remind themselves of correct driving practices to ensure the roads are safe for everyone.

Tailgating was also listed with 21% of  van drivers listing it as their biggest gripe. Tailgating is in fact one of the most common causes of van accidents on roads. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is an industry-leader in Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) technology that helps prevent tailgating accidents, offering it as standard across its range of Caddy, Transporter and Crafter.

Van drivers’ top 10 biggest annoyances:

  1. Not being left enough space to get through tight roads, 31%
  2. Small parking spaces, 30%
  3. Not being let out into traffic, 30%
  4. Cyclists coming up alongside a van at a junction, 26%
  5. Being cut up at roundabouts, 26%
  6. Drivers sitting in your blind spot, 23%
  7. Tailgating, 23%
  8. Getting trapped in yellow boxes by cars braking in front of you, 21%
  9. No annoyances, 11%
  10. Other, 1%