Van Drivers Health Warning:

Top Tips to reduce risks

Top Tips to reduce risks

Van drivers have been warned of the serious health risks they face from sitting behind the wheel every day. Motoring experts have issued the warning after researching the health dangers faced from sitting in a driving position for up to eight hours every day.

With millions of van drivers spending the majority of their working lives sitting behind the wheel, the researchers found they were at increased risk of health issues such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Jobs such as driving which feature prolonged periods in a seated position were even found to be linked with increased cancer risks. Many drivers could be overweight as they struggle to get enough exercise.

Top tips for drivers to stay healthy:

• Plan your meals. By preparing lunch the night before drivers can avoid greasy takeaways and save cash too.

• Know your routes. Drivers are encouraged to research their routes and not rely too heavily on satnav. Knowing the route can help them avoid congestion trouble spots and reduce time spent sitting.

• Take regular breaks. Even pulling over and stepping out for two minutes can make a massive difference.

• Park away from the job. Van drivers should avoid pulling up right outside an address. By parking on the next street they can gain vital exercise.

• Grab your tools. It’s difficult for drivers to find the time to visit the gym but by using the tools of the trade they can easily fi t a workout in during their working day. A toolbox makes a great weight for curls and lunges.

• Use the van. Even the vehicle itself can be utilised as a mobile gym with drivers blasting out push ups and dips while parked up.

• Be mindful. Drivers should try to stay calm and avoid anger and frustration while out on the roads. So take a deep breath and simply smile if falling victim of same.

• Track it. Drivers can use an App on their phone to measure activity and record hours sat down at work.

The researchers found that life on the road also led to a poor diet for many drivers who are forced to dine at garages and motorway service stations. Now the company has issued a health warning to drivers to make them aware of the risks they face from their sedentary lifestyle. They are also offering eight top health tips, encouraging drivers to take regular breaks and make the time to climb out of their vans and get some exercise.

Grabbing a tool box to blast out some bicep curls while safely parked, or even utilising their vehicles for a quick set of triceps dips off the back bumper were just two of the tips offered drivers. Drivers are urged to use their smartphones to track the hours they spent sitting and also download a fitness App to encourage them to exercise during a lunch or coffee break throughout the day.