Van Hool update on Extra availability of Clean Air System


    Last month Van Hool introduced a number of solutions, under its Future-Proof programme, to maximize the safety and hygiene of driver and passengers on board their touring coaches in these times of the Coronavirus pandemic. Van Hool’s aim with these systems is to enable its touring coach company customers to resume their professional activities as quickly as possible, in a responsible manner. All equipment from the Future-Proof programme is available on new touring coaches, but it can also be retro-fitted in vehicles that have already been delivered.

    The Future-Proof Coach programme has been offering the following solutions:

    • HVAC software adaptation: reprogramming of the HVAC, to use fresh exterior air as far as possible (80 to 100% depending on type);
    • Passenger dividers: flexible screening between each row of seats;
    • Driver divider: flexible screening of the driver’s compartment;
    • Dispensers: integrated alcohol dispensers at the two entrances;
    • Tape over seat: restricting the number of seats.

    Van Hool CAPS (Clean Air Purification System), which is now available on the EX, TX & TDX models. As an indication of prices applicable, see below columns. First orders for Van Hool CAPS from customers have arrived and the system can also be installed by the Van Hool (Premium) Service Partners throughout Europe.

    New           1.930,00 €            2.130,00 €            2.430,00 € 
    Retrofit Van Hool           2.975,00 €            3.175,00 €            3.475,00 €