Video Of The Month – Volvo Trucks demonstrate heavy-duty electric concept trucks


How can the environmental and climate impact of heavy goods traffic be reduced while the demand for transport continues to increase? Volvo Trucks, having recently started sales of electric trucks for urban transport, believes that electrification can become a competitive alternative also for heavier trucks. To explore and demonstrate the possibilities, Volvo Trucks has developed electric concept trucks for construction operations and regional distribution.

  • With these electric concept vehicles, Volvo Trucks will explore, demonstrate and evaluate different solutions, and measure the level of interest in society and the market.
  • The work environment for truck drivers and construction workers can be improved with electric heavy vehicles.
  • “With our concept trucks, we aim to explore and demonstrate different solutions for the future while evaluating the level of interest in the market and in society,” says Roger Alm, President Volvo Trucks. “To increase demand for electrified trucks, charging infrastructure needs to be rapidly expanded.”
  • Electric trucks with low noise level and zero exhaust emissions open up new possibilities for transports in construction projects. 
  • A majority of regional transports within the EU is by truck. Increased use of electric vehicles for regional distribution would result in significant climate gains, providing that the electricity is fossil-free.

Check out the electro-mobility strategy from Volvo Trucks on this specially commissioned video Watch Here