Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ sales near 410,000 units to date in 2018

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles' sales

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 409,300 vehicles to customers worldwide from January until the end of October, a decrease of 0.4 per cent compared to the same period in 2017. This is primarily due to temporary delivery delays caused by the WLTP certifications in Europe, but also to the persistently volatile market situations in Turkey and Mexico.

Heinz-Jürgen Löw, Member of the Board for Sales and Marketing commented: ”The adaptation to the WLTP test methods is currently influencing our delivery figures. However, we took this temporal shift into account right from the start. Bit by bit, our passenger car models now receive their certifications and can be handed over to the customers.”

In Western Europe 277,600 vehicles were handed over to customers in the first ten months of the year (+0.1 per cent). This puts the brand at the previous year’s level. The domestic German market accounted for 103,400 vehicles (+1.7 per cent), the core markets Spain for 13,400 vehicles (+8.1 per cent) and Great Britain for 39,700 vehicles (+1.7 per cent). In Italy (-1.7 per cent to 10,300 vehicles) and France (-9.0 per cent to 16,700 vehicles) fewer vehicles were handed over to customers.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 34,300 vehicles in Eastern Europe, 4.2 per cent more than a year ago.

The brand from Hannover also recorded growth in deliveries in Africa (+25.7 per cent to 15,200 vehicles), South America (+10.3 per cent to 38,000 vehicles) and the Asia-Pacific region (+3.1 per cent to 22,100 vehicles).

Deliveries in North America (Mexico; -18.5 per cent to 7,000 vehicles) and the Middle East (-37.1 per cent to 15,300 vehicles; from which Turkey:
-39.1 per cent to 13.300 vehicles) were markedly below the previous year’s volume. In these two regions over 10,000 fewer vehicles were handed over to customers in the course of the year.

Overview of worldwide deliveries between January and October by product line:

  • 165,900 vehicles from the T product line (170,100; -2.5 per cent)*
  • 130,800 vehicles from the Caddy product line (137,800; -5.1 per cent)*
  • 67,700 vehicles from the Amarok product line (65,200; +3.7 per cent)
  • 45,000 vehicles from the Crafter product line (37,800; +19.0 per cent)

* These two model ranges of the brand have the most vehicle variants with passenger car registrations that are currently affected by the WLTP type approval process.