Volvo Trucks and CaseNewHolland Industrial (CNHi) plants reopen


As the world continues to terms with the so-called ‘new normal’ production of Volvo Trucks and CaseNewHolland Industrial (CNHi) plants has resumed across Europe and the rest of the world.

Volvo Trucks has restarted manufacturing for the first time since March at plants in Belgium and Sweden, which supply the majority of finished vehicles for the UK and Irish markets. It marks a gradual resumption of manufacturing activities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with lines operating at reduced speeds to reflect a new way of working – one which respects social distancing and ensures robust protective measures for employees at every stage.

On the development Robert Grozdanovski, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, says: “Production is initially running at just a fraction of our normal output, as we implement new strategies which ensure the health and safety of our teams and their families. We have always maintained an incredibly strong culture of safety in everything we do, and that is continuing to guide our every step. Resumption of normal manufacturing volumes will only take place once we are certain we can do so safely, and with absolute confidence in the supply chain for the delivery of essential parts and components. The last six weeks have demonstrated just how much the whole country relies on the transport and logistics industry. We’re incredibly grateful for everything our haulage heroes have done, and we’re looking forward to being able to supply them with new trucks once again.”

Today, over two thirds of the CNH Industrial (CNHi) production sites around the world are operational, albeit at a reduced rate, and the vast majority are expected to reopen by the end of May.

The resumption of manufacturing operations is proceeding according to plan, and follows all COVID-19 health and safety protocols on a global basis. Central to this process is employee health and safety and agreements with trade unions, to ensure full engagement with the resumption of activities.

More than two thirds of the company’s 67 plants (including IVECO commercial vehicles) are already operational, to varying degrees. On a regional basis, more than 75% of production sites in Europe and some 60% in North America, in South America and in the Rest of the World are already operational; in the case of the latter, when considering joint ventures, this proportion approaches 90%.

Priority was given to agricultural and powertrain manufacturing, considered essential industries by governments, and in response to local market demands. These were followed by commercial and specialty vehicle manufacturing, given the importance of the transportation and civil protection sectors at this time, and thereafter construction equipment production.

CNHi plans to return to full operation at most sites by the end of the month. Modifications may be necessary if local or regional situations deteriorate or in response to specific critical issues, such as end market conditions and supply chains.

From the beginning of the pandemic, the company has continuously maintained support and assistance to its sales networks and global spare parts and components supply. End customers, together with the dealer network, have been fully supported by CNH Industrial Aftermarket Solutions, and today, almost all of its 45 logistics hubs are operational, the majority of which are running at full capacity.